100+ Best Online Course Topic Ideas

It is challenging when it comes to picking the best online course topics to invest in. Because there are so many courses to choose from and you must not be sure of which one to choose.

As a creator, you should take your time to research the course you are choosing and check out alternatives in other disciplines.

Here is a compilation of the best ideas for online course topics you can choose and can serve as a guide for you:

1. Best Topics on Career

When it comes to choosing a career, there are things to consider based on individual preference.

Some people prefer to work for a multinational company, do their best, and be recognized as being essential to the team, others prefer to start up their own organization.

To be able to teach this course, you must have knowledge of how to choose a career and be able to answer certain questions like; how do I know the career to choose? Or how do I maximize my full potential at work? Or how do I land my dream job? and so on.

The Best Online Course Topic Ideas

The best online course topic ideas on career

  • Career guidance and counseling for teenagers
  • Mistakes that affect career
  • Career guidance  and counseling for adults
  • How to get a promotion
  • Tips on Common interview questions and answers
  • How to write a resume or cover letter
  • Career and Business etiquette
  • How to get your dream Job
  • How to effectively work remotely
  • Workplace stress and job burnout

2. Best Topics on Creative Arts

It is not strange to say creativity is now the order. People think out of the box to create something of palpable value.

Creative Art is bound to pique anyone’s interest regardless of the job they do. You can decide to help people discover and hone their creativity by providing an online course for them.

The best online course topic ideas on creative arts

  • Storytelling and creative writing
  • How to boost creativity
  • Painting, Sculpturing, Drawing, illustration, and digital art 
  • Tips and Techniques for acting
  • Art of Music
  • Film making and production
  • Interior decoration and design
  • Photography
  • Crocheting, sewing, and knitting
  • Typography (calligraphy, lettering, etc.)

3. Best Topics on Business

There are so many people who want to be an entrepreneur who needs a guide on how to start,  and there are so many entrepreneurs who are also in need of practical ways to make more sales and customers.

As a creator, if you have experience in business and how to be successful with it, you can share practical or actionable ways and strategies from your wealth of knowledge and experience.   

The best online course topic ideas on small business and entrepreneurship

  • Sampling and testing a business
  • Developing  a business plan
  • How to start a specific(clothes, food) business
  • Customer service
  • How to create a company
  • Donations and crowdfunding
  • Management of projects
  • Establish Gamification
  • Forming a company: legal and tax issues 
  • How to create a sales funnel

4. Best Topics on Parenting

Parenting is not an easy task. So many questions on how best to successfully raise children and how to know if you are doing a good job. If you are an expert in parenting, you can decide to create an online course to teach others.

The best online course topic ideas on parenting

  • Preparing to have a baby
  • Development of a baby
  • Baby sleep routine
  • Allergy awareness and management
  • Early childhood education and training
  • Surviving as a single parent and co-parent.
  • Time management for family
  • Kids, technology, and gadget
  • How to care for yourself as a parent
  • Ways to set a boundary

5. Best Topics on Technology

We are in a world that is technologically advancing. Technology plays a major role in our everyday life. You don’t have to be a tech person before you are interested in technology. Everyone needs to maximize this opportunity and build technical skills.

The best online course topic ideas on technology

  • Website coding
  • Website designing
  • Programming language
  • Website creation
  • Mastering Excel, Word, and so on
  • Data science
  • How to use Photoshop and related software
  • Developing a Mobile phone and repair(computer inclusive)
  • Cybersecurity and protection
  • 3D animation, printing, and modeling

6. Best Topics on Marketing

Marketing is essential in the world we are in. From word of mouth, it evolved online. One need to be aware of how making should and the endless possibilities and benefit that comes with marketing.

The best online course topic ideas on marketing

  • How to create a marketing plan
  • Starting and monetizing a podcast
  • How to make money on YouTube
  • Building effective business pages on social media
  • Copywriting
  • Knowing about your product-market size
  • How to build a brand
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Using social media for a specific profession.
  • Using messenger for marketing

7. Best Topics on Lifestyle

Doing a lifestyle course helps you to discover what you enjoy doing and what makes you happy. It can serve as a way to help you detox and relieve stress from everyday life.

The best online course topic ideas on lifestyle

  • Fitness and exercising
  • Diet and cooking
  • Decluttering and cleaning
  • Balancing work and life
  • Gardening and growing plants
  • How to care for a pet
  • Beauty and Makeup
  • Discovering clothes style
  • Traveling

 8. Best Topics on Personal Finance

Everyone wants to be financially stable and independent. Hence, the need to be financially educated and enlightened.

The best online course topic ideas on personal finance

  • Budgeting
  • How to manage investments
  • How to save money
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Creating a business plan for family
  • Creating personal savings for children
  • Personal finance for children
  • Having a side job(blogging, web designing, YouTuber)
  • Effective management of resources

9. Best Topic on Family & Relationships

The Best Online Course Topic Ideas

Humans are relational beings and so we can but relate with one another. However, it can be difficult to build and sustain great relationships. Hence the need to be taught about family and relationships.

The best online course topic ideas on family and relationships

  • How to build and keep healthy relationships
  • Avoid and stop being friend-zoned
  • How to start a dating relationship
  • Preparation for marriage
  • Building effective and healthy communication
  • Healing from breakup and betrayal
  • Handling family and relationship issues
  • How to improve sex life

10. Best Topics on Self-Development

Everyone needs to invest in themselves. Self-development fosters change, and growth and unlocks innate potential in people. The benefit of self-development is limitless and you will be grateful for such courses.

The Best Online Course Topic Ideas

The best online course topic ideas on self development

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Being Optimistic and motivated
  • How to reduce stress
  • Leadership quality
  • How to boost self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Goal setting and productivity
  • Public speaking


An online course can serve as a source of income for you. As long as you are an expert and experienced in any of the fields above.

Also, if you properly position yourself, and your course, set your mind to building your brand, and gain more experience by teaching an online course you are on your way to being successful.

However, you must be sure of the field you have the most knowledge and focus on how to go about teaching the right topic for your online class. These topic ideas are all profitable and satisfying. Your choice of the best online course topic ideas depends on your interests.

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Thanks for reading.