How to Get Better at Math: Top 14 Strategies for Improving Your Math Skills

This article will show you how you can get better at math faster without spending much time studying. Although you still need to study, this article will show you the important things you must focus on.

Most people think they must be born with math skills before they can be good at it. However, several studies have revealed that math is not connected with genetics. In other words, anyone can be good at math, provided they are persistent.

Math is important in everyday life and for future careers. You can improve your skills with the effort and time spent studying the subject.

In this article, I will discuss different tips you can use to increase your performance in Math.

1. Practice all tasks

Math is tough. Thus, no one likes to do tough things. However, you can only learn a skill by practicing it. If you want to get better at math, you need to do your assignments.

The more time you spend practicing mathematical tasks, the better you will get at it. Just like any other skill, math needs lots of practice.

If you believe there is a difficult aspect of the subject, begin with that area. Practice as many exercises as possible in such an area. Even if you haven’t mastered mathematics, don’t be concerned.

If you are not interested in a particular area, find one that interests you. This will make you find the subject exciting and want to practice it more.

2. Focus on understanding the concepts

Getting better at Math is not a secret. All you need is a better understanding of how the solution works instead of memorizing it.

Although memorizing can help in some aspects, memorization is not a flexible skill, and you may not be able to solve a question if it is slightly changed.

That is why it is important to understand the concepts behind a problem and its solution. This will help you understand the logic behind such a problem.

When you improve your mathematical skills, it means you’ve gotten a better knowledge of the logic of the subject.

A better understanding of mathematics will help you in geometry because it requires many visualization skills.

3. Study in an environment that is distraction-free

Math requires the maximum level of concentration. Therefore, ensure you eliminate any temptation to multitask while studying Math.

Don’t study in distracting environments like noisy areas or in the living room where people watch television.

Study Math in an area where you will not be distracted by housework, food, or phone.

According to some studies, listening to classical music can improve focus and reduce stress while studying. So, you can try this while studying math.

4. Learn from your mistakes

As a math student, you want to get the best grades. To achieve this, you must learn from your mistakes and analyze them.

Understand why the mistakes happened or the concept behind the question you did not know.

If you keep ignoring your mistakes without taking an in-depth look, you may continue making a mistake again.

If you don’t want to keep repeating your mistake, you need to understand the gap in your knowledge.

You can even note down the solution and set it as a reminder so you can easily remember it.

5. Always ask for help when the need arises

Ask your teacher about the problems you have with any topic in math. You don’t need to understand all that you’re taught from scratch.

If you have any questions, don’t feel shy to ask. You can also get better at Math by hiring the service of a private tutor.

You can also find online professionals that can help you with your studies. There are various Math homework help you can get online if you’re struggling with any issue in Math.

6. Get a study partner

Math can be fun when you study it with a friend. Studying Mathematics with a friend helps you make new connections. It also helps you to learn better.

Explain the issues you’re struggling with and do your assignments together. This will make studying the subject exciting for both of you.

Learning Mathematics is usually better when you do it with someone since you will get a different point of view on an issue.

7. Use math tricks to train your brain

Another trick you can use to get better at math is to calculate large numbers in your head.

This will help you to overcome the fear of large numbers. Sources such as Mathematics shortcut tricks can help you in this area.

8. Break down complex problems

If big problems scare you, break them down into smaller ones. Every big problem comprises different steps that you can use to solve problems.

Hence, focus on one small step per time. Tackle one concept and solve it before proceeding to another problem.

9. Do more math tests

If you want to get better at math, then you need to test yourself. Training yourself at home won’t make you stressed when you encounter tests.

Also, testing yourself helps you to detect the gas in your education. You can test yourself by trying online tests or trying the tests in your Math book.

You can find different levels of tests on geometry and algebra from other sources. Here you will find different tests for various topics and levels of mathematics.

10. Get more knowledge online

You don’t need to be a genius before you can be brilliant at Mathematics. All you need to do is to expand your knowledge. You can do this b self-learning by using online sources.

This helps you re-learn what you know and learn new ways of tackling mathematical questions.

If you want to get better at math, check the different websites related to this. You can also find many university platforms that both teachers and students can use.

On these platforms, you will find more examples, quizzes, and tests that will help you know more about your learning.

The resources on these online platforms will help you with the following:

  • Division
  • Geometry
  • Pre-calculus
  • Calculus
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II

11. Be responsible with your studies

This tip works with any subject. While studying, ensure you create a quiet space to help you concentrate. Get rid of anything that could distract you.

Also, try not to study late at night. This is because our brain needs some environment to perform cognitive functions perfectly.

To be more energetic and solve problems quickly, ensure sleep, eat, and rest well.

12. Practice math daily with mobile apps

The advancement in technology has made it easy to study. Wherever you are, you can efficiently study by using your smartphone. Many useful apps help with training and help to develop new skills.

These apps are built to meet the needs of different levels of learning. For instance, you can learn introductory Algebra I to III through games. There are also advanced apps that are designed to solve complex problems.

You can find problem-solving apps containing solutions for any math level. Therefore, if you find any aspect of mathematics difficult, you can find the answer you need on such apps.

13. Be persistent in learning math

You must practice and be persistent in training your brain and body when developing skills.

You may find out that there are lots of things you don’t know. If that’s the case, don’t get anxious and intimidated.

14. Don’t rush your math homework

You may be tempted to rush your math homework and finish it as fast as possible so you can resume playing your favorite games.

However, it would be best to take things slow when dealing with technical subjects like math. According to the suggestions contained in Professor Barbara Oakley’s A Mind for Numbers, starters need to apply spaced repetition.

According to her, you can design shorter and more frequent study sessions and spread them over weeks. This is more effective than spending many hours in the library.

This slow and deliberate learning will allow your brain to absorb each concept and the connections between the concepts.

Before you say that you have mastered math, you need to see through the problems and quickly determine the formula for solving them.

Why do we study math?

You may think math is unimportant in life, but it is not. We use mathematics in our day-to-day activities without knowing it.

You are using your math skills when you split your dinner bill, operate a cash register, or count the minutes while waiting for your parking meter to run out.

You also use math to solve problems. Mathematics is important in working through the details of a problem while trying to find the right solution.

This is a fundamental life skill, and mathematics helps to improve one’s ability to solve problems in different spheres of life.

Hence, when you think you won’t use a math skill, you need to think again because the math concepts and methods you learn will help you in your day-to-day activities.

How can you solve math problems fast?

If you want to solve math fast and solve problems as quickly as possible, you can take some steps to achieve this.

When you encounter a mathematical problem, write it down. Writing down the problem will increase the rate at which you solve it. This is better than solving the problem in your head.

When you write down the problem, you will be able to detect the problem and the type of formula to use.

Also, you can solve equations quickly by memorizing key multiplication shortcuts. Feel free to use calculators for complex calculations, and don’t forget that you need to practice to be perfect in solving mathematical problems.

In a nutshell, the more you focus on practicing mathematical problems, the quicker you will be able to solve the problems.


Why is math so hard?

One of the main reasons why math is hard for students is that they don’t understand the role it plays in real life.

Can you get better at math?

According to studies, getting better at math is more about hard work than innate talent. All you need to get better at math is dedication.

Can you have a high IQ and be bad at math?

Yes, it is possible to have a high IQ without being good at math. Those who find mathematics difficult may think they are not as clever as those who are good at math.

However, that is not the case. The fact that you find mathematics difficult doesn’t mean you’re dull.


Math is important in today’s technology-driven world. The tips discussed in this post can help you get better at the subject.

Irrespective of the college or career you’re considering, excelling in mathematics will give you more options for the future.

If you want to know how to learn math fast, you will find tons of valuable resources, tutoring services, and study tips that will guide you.

Whether you want to apply the subject’s solutions to your day-to-day problems or hire a tutor to help you attain your goals in learning math, the tips discussed in this article will help you learn math faster.

When you treat the subject as a problem by applying several solutions, you will find the right solution that will help you get better at math.

If you need tools that you can use to learn math independently, check out these digital education tools.

Thanks for reading.