Is A 150 IQ Good: Meaning, Percentile & Career Path

There are a lot of talks these days about intelligence and whether an IQ of 150 or less is good. You probably hear it all the time when you go out with friends, at work, or on social media.

People will say things like “I’m not sure if I’m smart enough,” “I envy people who are smarter than me,” “I wish my IQ was a bit higher,” or “I can’t believe how much smarter some of the people I know are.”

And the truth is, there are a lot of opinions out there about what constitutes an IQ of 150 and whether or not that’s really something to be bragging about.

But whatever your thoughts on the subject, one thing is for sure: There’s no denying that having a high IQ is a pretty impressive thing. In fact, if you have a score in the upper IQ range, that’s actually pretty rare.

Let’s see if a 150 IQ is gifted and a career path that matches such intelligence quotient score in this article. 

150 IQ: Meaning and percentile

Having an intelligence quotient of 150 means that you are capable of picking things up faster than ordinary people. A majority of people take longer to understand concepts that are relatively easy for them to grasp.

According to World Population Review, an intelligent quotient score of 150 places you in the 99th percentile. That means only 1% of the world’s population has a higher IQ than you.

Is 150 IQ gifted?

Yes, it is. An intelligence quotient of 150 means that you are highly gifted. You possess high cognitive and problem-solving abilities that are highly sorted after in many fields.

Below is a quick breakdown of IQ scores and their level of intelligence;

  • 85 – 115 IQ – Averagely intelligent
  • 116 – 130 IQ – Brightly intelligent or above average
  • 131 – 145 IQ – Moderately gifted intelligence
  • 146 – 160 IQ – Highly gifted
  • 161 – and above IQ – Exceptionally gifted.

What career path suits one with a 150 IQ?

With an intelligence quotient score of 150, there are a number of professions and careers where your abilities can be put to good use. However, I have highlighted some of the very best that not only match your cognitive ability but are also very lucrative.

1. Medical professional (doctor)

doctor - lmshero

Medical professionals are highly sort after, and one with a high IQ is definitely one in high demand. Study shows that those in this field have the highest IQ on average.

For you to be a doctor, you will need to undergo years of schooling and get a relevant baccalaureate degree. Afterwards, you can take a medical course of your preference.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, doctors earn around $183,429 per annum.

2. Professor

professor - lmshero

Another lucrative profession that suits one with an intelligence quotient of 150 is that of a professor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professors earn around $117,709 per year.

Just like doctors, for you to become a professor, it takes years of study. Firstly, you will need a bachelor’s degree, then you will need to take your master’s degree and Ph.D.

3. IT professional

IT professional - lmshero

Another career for one with a high IQ like yours would be information and technology. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that IT professionals earn as high as $72,546 yearly.

The good thing about the IT industry is its diversity. Information Technology is applicable in various sectors. Sectors like aerospace, healthcare, energy, banking, retail, insurance, and design are some of the best for one with your IQ.

For you to be successful as an IT specialist, you must learn new skills and earn valuable certifications. 

4. Scientist

Another good career for one with an intelligence level of 150 is being a scientist. There are a number of sectors in science. Some of the best are botanists, cytologists, geneticists, geologists, microbiologists, physicists, and more.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, scientists earn around $70,363 – $82,530 per annum.

However, for you to become a scientist, you must earn a master’s degree and then pursue a doctorate in your desired field of interest.

5. Electrical engineering

electrical engineer - lmshero

Engineering is generally a well-known field in the world, but specifically, electrical engineering is one that suits your IQ.

Electrical engineers possess the ability to think abstractly, an ability that one with your IQ possesses in vast proportion.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, electrical engineers earn around $87,174 per year. 

For you to become an electrical engineer, you will need a first degree. Afterwards, you will need to pursue further education by getting a master’s degree.

How to choose a career that suites your intelligence level

Now you know some of the best careers that match your IQ level, let’s see how you can choose from them. Here are a few factors to consider:

1. Your Interest 

Ask yourself what you like doing, is it tech? Do you like saving lives? Pick a career that matches your personal interest or goals. You can also seek the guidance of a career consultant for more advice.

2. Job Availability 

Job availability is another factor to consider when choosing a career path to follow. Do some research about the career and their potential earning capability before deciding.

3. Your attitude toward the career path

Aside from having the right set of skills for a job, your attitude is another key factor. Some people prefer jobs that are less intense, while some thrive under this condition.


Which celebrities have an IQ of 150?

Some know celebrities that have an IQ of 150 are Ben Stein, Bill O Riley, and Mayim Bialik.

What is the normal IQ range?

The normal or average IQ range is said to be around 85 – 115.

What is considered a genius IQ?

Generally, a genius IQ is one that is above 130.

Conclusion: Is 150 IQ good?

All being considered, an intelligence quotient score of 150 is said to be a very good one. It places you in the 99th percentile and is mostly termed as a highly gifted IQ level.

With this IQ level, you possess faster cognitive thinking and problem-solving abilities that ordinary people do not have. These skills are highly sorted after by employers.

There are a number of career paths that would match this IQ. Some of the best are engineering, medicine, IT professionals, professors, and scientists.

However, you should consider some other factors before deciding on which of these fields is best for you. These factors are your interest, your attitude, and job availability.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, if you did you should also see practices that can help you increase your IQ.

Thanks for reading.