Accredited Centers To Take An IQ Test In Person

If you’re looking for an IQ test in person, your best bet is probably to head to a testing center near you. Testing centers are likely to have the latest and greatest IQ tests, so you can be sure you’re getting the most accurate assessment possible.

Plus, taking the test in person gives you the added bonus of being able to discuss your results with the testing professionals.

If you want to know more about where to take an IQ test in person and how to prepare for the test, then this article is for you.

Accredited centers to take an IQ test in person

Generally, IQ tests can be taken in person at any local IQ testing center. However, you may run the risk of being tested by a non-registered or licensed official.

It can be quite daunting spending time and resources taking a test that ends up not being recognized. To avoid this, here are some of the certified places where you can go to take an IQ test in person:

1. Mensa

Mensa is a well-recognised association in the world today, the name alone is one that raises eyebrows when mentioned. It is a non-political international IQ society known for testing and recruiting intelligent minds.

Their main aim is to identify and foster intelligence in ways that would benefit the human race. They also aim to create an environment where intelligent people can work together with the common goal of promoting a better world.

Mensa offers both an online and in-person test to applicants. However, if you aim to become a member of the Mensa society, it is mandatory to take the in-person test or present one taken from any local certified center.

The Mensa society is one of the most recognized IQ testing centers in the world. They offer this test at an affordable rate of $40 and offer membership to test takers who score in the 98th percentile.

How does the Mensa IQ test work?

The Mensa IQ test is organized entirely by the organization, however, you will be required to pay a small token of $40. After payment has been made, you will be assigned a testing date and placed under a licensed professional.

Although it is not mandatory, you will be offered an official intelligence quotient pre-test. However, this option is not applicable to all centers as many choose not to offer the pre-test.

Mostly, in cases where the pre-test is not offered, the online Mensa IQ test is used. The purpose of the pre-test or the online IQ test is to prepare the candidate for the main test.

You should note that the pre-test and the online test are in no way used as real tests. It is also not used as a qualification to becoming a Mensa member. It is only a way to help you prepare for the in-person test.

2. CNLD testing and therapy

The CNLD testing and therapy is another certified organization where you can take an IQ test in person. This test is conducted by an officially licensed neuropsychologist.

This center which is located in Michigan also offers other types of psychological and neuropsychological evaluation. Ranging from anxiety testing, ADHD testing, autism testing, and learning disabilities testing.

CNLD is a reputable organization with over 100 years of experience, 15 certified specialists on staff, and over 4000 tests given over the last five years alone. They also offer coaching, therapy, or guidance to all test takers.

How does the CNLD testing and therapy IQ test work?

The CNLD IQ test follows four principles. The first stage is the interview stage where the candidate spends an hour or two talking with a psychologist. This would give the psychologist an overall picture of the candidate’s ability.

Afterwards, the candidate commences the testing/assessment session. This will test the candidate’s ability to perform certain tasks and the time taken in order to complete such tasks.

The next session is called scoring, analysis, and report writing. Your results from the testing phase are put into writing, and an IQ score is derived from these results.

Afterwards, the final stage which is the follow-up stage commences. This should give the candidate more insight into the IQ score obtained.

What does IQ testing measure?

what does iq mean lmshero

IQ test shows a candidate’s cognitive ability compared to others in the same age range. The test examines how fast a person can recall information and use problem-solving skills to solve puzzles or problems.

The test measures;

  • Verbal communication
  • Fine motor skills
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Fluid reasoning
  • kinesthetic learning ability
  • Other developmental markers.

How to prepare for the intelligence quotient test

If you are planning on taking an in-person IQ test any time soon, the following tips will help you prepare.

  • Take an online practice test to assess your weakness.
  • Practice some stress relief techniques.
  • Give yourself adequate rest before the test.
  • Learn to understand things in detail.
  • Build your problem-solving abilities.


Where to take an IQ test online?

Some of the best online platforms to take an intelligence quotient taste include; Free IQ Test, Brain Metrix, and Genius Tests.

Where to take an IQ test for free?

You can take an IQ test for free on a number of platforms, such as; Free IQ Test and Brain Metrix.

What is the requirement to get into Mensa?

The only requirement needed to become a Mensa member is to score 98% or above.

What is the average IQ range?

According to the world population review, the average IQ score of the world population is between 86 – 130.

What is a genius IQ score?

A genius intelligence quotient score is one that is above 130.

Conclusion: Where to take an IQ test in person?

Taking an IQ test in person is the best way to get an accurate result. The environment and surroundings can have a large impact on test scores, so by taking the test at a certified center, you can be sure that you’re getting an accurate measurement of your abilities.

The best two places you can take an IQ test in person are; Mensa and CLND testing and therapy. These two are certified and well-recognized around the world.

Mensa is known for testing and recruiting high-performing candidates. This is done in order to create an environment where like minds work together for the betterment of the world.

CNLD testing and therapy, on the other hand, offers a more complex yet effective approach toward candidates. This includes testing, coaching, and guidance towards the candidate and how best to apply their intelligence.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you did, you should also see the highest possible IQ.

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