Is 112 IQ Good? [Meaning, Percentile, & Career Path]

Did you take an IQ test and discover your intelligence quotient score is 112? If yes, sure you want to know if a 112 IQ is good or bad.

Well, the average IQ in the world ranges from 86 – 120, you can take comfort in the fact that 112 is on the high end. Therefore, we can say that a 112 IQ is a good score. It shows you possess an above-average critical thinking skill or problem-solving ability.

This article talks about a 112 IQ, its meaning, percentile, and the career path suitable for people with this IQ.

112 IQ Meaning and percentile

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Having an intelligence quotient score of 112 means that you have above-average reasoning skills. It also shows that you have a strong ability to detect flaws and risks.

An intelligence quotient score of 112 places you in the 78% percentile. This means that only 22% of the world population have a higher intelligence quotient than you.

Is 112 IQ gifted?

Yes, it is. Having an intelligence quotient of 112 is widely considered to be gifted. You possess skills that many people don’t, and your intelligence can be put to use in a number of fields or career paths.

People with an average IQ have the following skills.

What career is suitable for one with a 112 IQ?

With an intelligence quotient of 112, there are many jobs and career opportunities for you. Based on your cognitive and complexity ability, here are some of the professions you can choose;

1. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering involves using the application of physical principles to create machines and equipment. It is applicable in areas such as automobiles, aircraft, and vehicles.

It is also applicable in transportation facilities, heating and cooling systems, household appliances, production machinery, and equipment.

2. Civil engineering

A civil engineer is said to be one who turns ideas on drawing into reality. He is one who is in charge of consulting, calculating the structure, and executing construction works. 

This is another field where one with an IQ of 112 is expected to thrive in. As a civil engineer, you must have cognitive skills. This allows you to capture and process information faster in order to design and estimate the outcome of any project correctly.

3. Solutions engineering

A solutions engineer is one whose role is to discover possible ways to meet the need of a client. It involves critical thing and problem-solving skills in order to meet up to the requirement of a client.

Does an IQ of 112 determine success in this field?

Having a high IQ show that you possess intelligence. However, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be successful in any field you choose.

Aside from having a 112 IQ, other factors come into play when determining success in any field. This includes; having the right skills, the motivation, and acquiring adequate knowledge in that field.


Is an IQ of 112 good for a 12 year old?

Yes, it is, considering that the average IQ score is between 86 – 120.

What is a 112 IQ percentile?

The percentile for a 112 IQ is said to be 78.

Can you increase your IQ?

Yes, you can.

Study has shown that there are certain practices that can help increase one’s IQ.

Is 112 IQ high or low?

Generally, 112 IQ is considered to be on the high end of the average.


Having an intelligence quotient of 112 is generally considered to be a good one. It places you at the 78th percentile, meaning that only 22% of the world’s population has a higher IQ than you.

With such IQ, you are capable of following so many career paths. However, some of the best fields that suit your intelligence level are mechanical engineering, solutions engineering, and civil engineering.

While having this IQ does not guarantee success in these fields, you can play your part to ensure you are successful. This includes acquiring the relevant knowledge and skills needed for these fields.

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