Is 133 IQ Good: Meaning, Percentile, & Potential Career Path

Wondering if a 133 IQ score is good? An IQ test consists of three main factors, fluid intelligence, crystallized intelligence, and performance IQ. These tests are designed to measure one’s reasoning ability or problem-solving ability.

Having an IQ of 133 shows that you are exceptionally intelligent and have the capacity for complex thoughts. This means you are more intelligent than 98% of the world’s population. So, yes, 133 is a great IQ score.

According to World Population Review, the average IQ score is between 85 – 115, 68% of the world population falls under this category. 30% fall between 116 – 130, while 2% have an IQ above 140.

This article discusses how gifted people with a 133 IQ are and some career path that suits people with such IQ score.

What does IQ mean?

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IQ, or intelligence quotient, is a score derived from running standardized tests or subtests. These tests measure your ability to reason and solve problems adequately.

It also measures how well one can recall information and how quickly they do as well. The average IQ of individuals is said to be between 85 – 115. An individual with a higher score is considered moderately intelligent or superior. 

That said, it doesn’t mean that anyone with a lower IQ is dull or cannot have a successful life or career.

133 IQ: Meaning and percentile

An intelligence quotient score of 133 means you have above-average reasoning and problem-solving ability. It also means you are more likely to attend top schools and work in top fields. 

A 133 intelligence quota places you between 130 – 140; the percentile for this category is said to be at 98%. That means only 2% of the world population possesses high intellectual capacity than you.

Is 133 IQ gifted?

Yes, it is. Having an intelligence quotient of 133 is widely considered a moderately gifted score. Below is a breakdown of IQ scores and their label or level of intelligence associated with them.

  • 1 – 25 IQ: Profound mental disability
  • 26 – 40 IQ: Severe mental disability
  • 41 – 55 IQ: Moderate mental disability
  • 56 – 70 IQ: Mild mental disability
  • 71 – 84 IQ: Borderline mental disability
  • 85 – 115 IQ: Average intelligence
  • 116 – 130 IQ: Above average or bright intelligence
  • 131 – 145 IQ: Moderately gifted intelligence
  • 146 – 160 IQ: Highly gifted
  • 161 – 179 IQ: Exceptionally gifted
  • 180 and above IQ: Profoundly or extremely gifted.

What can you do with an IQ of 133?

With an intelligence quotient of 133, there is an endless amount of jobs or career opportunities for you. However, some of the best jobs based on your cognitive and complexity ability are;

These fields bring out the full potential of those in the IQ category of 130 – 140. 

Does a 133 IQ determine success in any career path?

A high intelligence quotient can predict academic success, job performance, career potential, and creativity. However, it does not determine success.

Let us look at a practical example. Having a 133 IQ shows that you have the potential to excel in any field, just like height does in basketball. 

But remember that having height alone does not guarantee success as a basketball player. In fact, there are short basketball players who excel in this sport as well. 

You have to know how to use the height to play before succeeding. The same can be said about having a high IQ. You must know how and where to apply it, including many factors.

Having an intelligence quotient of 133 is the first step, but other factors must be considered. These factors will help determine your success in any field you choose.

What factors determine success in your career?

According to Good Therapy, aside from having a high IQ, individual and social factors can also play a huge role in any career path. These factors are;

1. Motivation

Motivation is a driving force that determines your behavior or willingness to progress. Aside from having a high individual quotient, you must be motivated or willing to progress.

Not just having the motivation; you must be able to hold on to it and remind yourself occasionally.

2. Knowing your strong-suit

The intelligence quotient score shows just how intelligent one is but not in which exact aspect or field. Some people have great mathematical-solving skills, and some have optimal thinking or problem-solving skills rather than mathematical skills.

Knowing where your strength lie is another factor to consider as it determines your success in such fields.

3. Level of knowledge acquired

I’m sure you have heard the saying, “You don’t jump into a river without knowing how to swim.” 

A high intelligence quotient score isn’t enough to determine success in a field. You must first have proper or adequate knowledge of this field to excel in it. 

4. Stress tolerance level

Stress refers to the body’s response to the demand or challenges of life. Your stress tolerance level is another factor that can determine your success in any field. 

Everyone is built differently, and your level of IQ doesn’t make you immune to stress. If you do not know how to work under pressure, it may affect your level of productivity. So, you must ensure you know your stress tolerance level.


How common is 133 IQ?

According to World Data, an intelligence quotient level of 133 is superior, and only 2% of the world’s population has an equivalent or higher.

What is the average IQ in the United States?

According to World Data, the average IQ in the United States is 98.

What is the average IQ for people between 35 and 44 years of age?

The average intelligence quotient for people between 35 – 44 years is 101.

What score is considered a genius IQ?

Generally, an intelligence quotient of above 140 is said to be at a genius level.

Is 133 IQ high or low?

133 Intelligence quotient score is generally considered to be high.

Conclusion: 133 IQ

Having a 133 IQ places you at an above-average or superior level academically. It places you at a 98 percentile level, meaning that only 2% of the world’s population is relatively smarter than you. 

The intelligence quotient score is useful for predicting the trajectory of one’s career. However, other factors can determine success in any field, regardless of the IQ level.

If you have a high IQ, that is the first and most important step in the career path you choose to follow. However, you must know if this path fits your strong suit and acquire the necessary knowledge.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article; if you did, you should also see the highest possible IQ.

Thanks for reading.