Do You Have Lots of Homework? Here’s What To Do

School is fun but one of the many things students dread the most is having too much homework to do. Many students often complain that they have lots of homework but little time to do it. So, the question is, is there a way around this?

Frankly, homework is part of your coursework, so you won’t stop getting them as a student. What is most important now is seeking help on how to complete your homework.

By making a plan and establishing new habits you may finally be able to complete your assignments within the deadlines. Explained in this article are some strategies that can help.

Effective strategies for completing your homework

1. Know the purpose of your homework

When the purpose of a thing isn’t known, abuse is inevitable. The first step towards completing your assignment starts with identifying the reasons for them.

Assignments aren’t punishment like some students see them. Rather they help you understand lessons better. By doing your assignment you can know how much you grasp a topic and areas you need more clarification.

Teachers also assess your understanding of a topic and identify where to help, if need be, through homework. And many times, homework is built up for tests and exams.

So, when you do your homework, you’re not doing your teacher or parents a favor, rather you’re helping yourself, setting yourself up for success in your exams.

There’s a sense of fulfillment that comes from excelling in what you do. It builds your self-worth and motivates you to do more. If homework can help you perform excellently in your academics, don’t you think it’s worth doing?

2. Build a positive mindset

The mind is the strongest element to achieving anything in life. It is said that once your mindset changes, everything on the outside changes with it.

Students do not only need to build a positive mindset for completing homework but for pulling through life’s hurdles.

You must choose a mindset that would help you achieve more from an early stage. Complaining about all the work you need to get done restricts your emotions and makes you see more reasons not to do anything at all.

When it comes to homework, it begins with telling yourself that you can get it done. Look at the big picture of getting your assignment done.

For instance, it strengthens your understanding of a topic and helps you discover where you’re lagging behind. It could also aid exam preparation and help you pass more easily.

3. Set up a study space

Instead of doing assignments in just any room with beds and many distractions, creating a separate space for school work helps you focus on your assignment.

This could be your home library or a room free of any distractions like televisions or phones. The room should contain comfortable reading chairs, tables, and maybe a computer with Internet access.

By consistently studying in a specific room, it’s easy to get into a study mood whenever you’re in that room. Moreso, it is easier to finish your assignments faster in a distraction-free environment.

4. Make a plan

Although you’ve made a study space, failing to plan before diving into your study area may allow you to waste time. It’s important that you create a schedule or checklist of the assignments you need to do.

For instance, if you have homework in four subjects, list them out on a sheet of paper in order of priority or whichever you want to do first and apportion time to each. Checking off each task you complete from the list can also motivate you while working.

Although some people believe that tackling the toughest homework first is best, I believe that it is better to follow what works for you. What’s most important is to have a plan to direct and keep you on track while doing your homework.

5. Prepare all materials before starting

Before starting your assignment, make sure all the materials you need are available in your study area. From books to pens, pencils, erasers, calculators, or whatever.

This is to avoid distraction from leaving your study area from time to time. Parents should help little kids with a container for keeping all their stationery so they don’t have to waste time looking for their writing materials.

6. Choose a time frame

Try to schedule a time or period of the day to do your assignment daily. This could be once you’re back from school or after a short siesta or immediately after taking dinner.

Whatever time you choose, make sure it is feasible for you to commit to it. Setting up a time frame builds consistency and inculcates the habit of doing your assignments.

You should also plan break times in between studies. This may be a 5 to 10 minutes break after 40 minutes. Be careful to stick to the scheduled time and avoid doing things that may take your mind off work completely.

If you realize that taking breaks doesn’t always work for you, focus on completing your assignments without breaks. Learning about time management skills would also be helpful.

7. Join a study group

Alone we can do so little, but together we can achieve so much. Joining a study group is a surefire way to find the motivation to complete your assignment. Being in an environment where everyone is busy with their books puts you in a study position also.

If you encounter any challenges or difficult assignments, it’s easy to put heads together with your colleagues to solve them. Apart from that, you can take occasional breaks to talk before getting back to work.

It’s not compulsory that you study with a lot of people, one or two serious-minded individuals are enough to help you find the zeal to finish your assignment no matter how much. Check out the benefits of collaborative learning in this article.

8. Reward yourself

Thinking of a reward for completing your assignment is a great way to motivate yourself. For instance, you may decide to reward yourself with your favorite game after completing your homework.

You can also consider hanging out with friends in your free time once you’ve cleared all your assignments. Extrinsic rewards are great boosters and there’s no shame about it.

However, don’t be tempted to run off to whatever you have in mind without completing your assignment. Train yourself to be disciplined enough to only get a reward for completed work.

If you’re unable to finish your homework, then delay the reward till you’re able to complete it. Don’t just break your rules simply because you made them.

9. Ask for help

If you’re stuck at a point while doing your homework, reach out to your parents or siblings for help. That way, you won’t get frustrated or lose the drive to continue with your work.

Perhaps there’s no one to help you, make sure you go to your teacher and explain your difficulties before class starts. That way your teacher knows that you’ve attempted the assignment and are not nonchalant about it.

10. Do your homework on time

Instead of waiting till the day before a class, it’s best that you tackle the homework on the day it is given. When we learn something new, we tend to forget a larger percentage of it with time.

So, if you have homework on Monday try to do it that same day instead of putting it up till Tuesday. That way, it is easier to do your assignment since the class is still fresh in your mind.


How do you finish your homework fast?

Set up a time frame for each subject and try to see if you can meet up and avoid distractions when working.

What do you do if you’re too stressed to do homework?

Take a nap for some time to cool off. You can then tackle your assignment when you’re more relaxed.

Why do you get so much homework?

Homework help teachers achieve their lesson objectives. It is to ascertain whether students understand a topic.

Final thoughts

There’s no silver bullet or holy grail for always completing your assignment. Keep trying out different strategies until you find something that works for you.

However, the change must begin in your mind. As mentioned earlier, homework is a must-have for students, so developing a positive attitude toward it is the first step towards doing it.

Else you may get easily overwhelmed by the feeling of too much homework and refrain from doing anything at all which is worse.

To top it all, check out practices that can help you increase your IQ.

I hope this article helped. Thanks for reading.