Is Welding A Good Career: Pros, Cons, Outlook and How To Get Started

Welding is a good career choice if you enjoy working with your hands and have a passion for the trade. 

With high demand in many industries, such as construction, automotive, shipbuilding, and aircraft manufacturing, there is almost always room for someone to weld. 

Plus, welding is a highly versatile profession – it can be used to make just about anything. If you’re thinking about a career in welding, you’ll want to read this article first. 

It will help you understand what welding is, what the job market looks like for welders, and how to start your career. 

After reading this article, you’ll be closer to deciding whether welding is the right career.

Top reasons to consider welding as a career

1. No college degree is required

Welding is a great career for anyone who wants to work in the industrial or construction industries. 

It doesn’t require a college degree, and many welders choose it because of its low cost and high levels of flexibility. 

Welding is an industry that accepts people with any level of education or training. With proper instruction and practice, anyone can be successful at welding. 

Furthermore, welders can quickly move from one job to another, making it an ideal choice for people always looking for new opportunities. 

2. Traveling opportunities 

Welding is a versatile and often in-demand profession that benefits both the welder and the community around them. 

As infrastructure construction, oil and gas pipelines, bridges, electrical systems, and other high-value industrial work continue to grow, the demand for welders will continue to rise.

Welders who want to take their skills overseas can also take advantage of plenty of travel opportunities with this career path. 

Welding allows you to work at some fantastic places worldwide and spend time exploring new cultures while learning new skills. 

So if you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career that will take your skills to new levels, consider welding.

3. Broad scope

Welding is one of the oldest and most versatile trades in existence. Welders create almost anything you could imagine—from simple household items like doors and cabinets to complex industrial equipment. 

Welders are essential in various fields, including construction, automobile manufacturing, and engineering—just to name a few. 

There are many reasons why welding may be appealing to someone looking for a career path. 

One key reason is its broad scope; welders can use their skillset to work on practically any type of project or structure imaginable. 

Another thing that sets welding apart from other careers is its longstanding history; it has been around for centuries and remains very popular today due to its dependability and reliability. 

What’s more, with increasing automation in some industries (like automobiles), there’s never been a better time to explore this career.

4. It’s easy to pick up side work if you need extra income

In addition to requiring physical labor and intense handwork, welding is a lucrative career option for those looking to make extra money.

Welding jobs offer some exciting opportunities that can provide additional income on the side. 

For instance, you could work as a welder at a construction site or perform vehicle repairs in your garage. 

You could also try finding part-time welding jobs in nearby cities or towns. 

Learn about all the available options to find what’s most suitable for you and provide long-term stability for your business.

5. You learn valuable skills to use outside work

Welding is a popular career choice for people looking for work that can be done outside of the typical 9-5 job schedule. 

Welding is not only an exciting trade, but it also offers valuable skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking. 

Welders must be attentive to detail to correctly calculate angles, lengths, and quantities. 

They also must have good spatial reasoning skills since they often need to visualize objects in their projects before beginning construction. 

With so many benefits available in this profession, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider enrolling in a welding program if you’re passionate about working with your hands. 

Finally, having experience working safely under pressure helps when there’s danger involved on-site or during testing exercises before starting a job.

6. Excellent job outlook

Welding is a growing field with an excellent job outlook. It’s one of the most dependable trades you could choose, and many welding careers provide good opportunities for advancement. 

Welding isn’t just a trade; it’s also an art form. With all its variety, welding offers limitless potential to those who pursue it. 

If safety is your top concern, welders have the added advantage of being certified through WELD-ED (National Center for Welding Education and Training) and AWS (American Welding Society). 

7. Enjoy the benefits of hands-on experience

Welding is an interesting and exciting career that can offer you many opportunities. 

Hands-on experience is one of the main reasons for considering welding as a career because it gives you both a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment. 

Hands-on learning allows you to develop your skills in a way that’s unique and special. It also allows you to learn how things work before you build them. 

This teaches you critical problem-solving skills, which can be valuable no matter your chosen occupation.  

With the right attitude, welders can be skilled employees who enjoy helping others succeed.

Cons of welding as a career

There are a few cons to consider before considering welding as your career.

First and foremost, welding is a hazardous job with high rates of injury associated with it. Other cons related to welding as a career are:

  • The job market for welders is competitive
  • Welding often requires heavy lifting and prolonged exposure to heavy elements that may cause bodily injuries
  • Welders are frequently required to work overtime
  • The work can be repetitive and boring

Finally, there’s the matter of wages. While welders can vary based on experience level and geographic location, they earn an average salary of $20.45 per hour in the US.

How good is the job outlook for welders? 

A welder - lmshero

Welders are in high demand across the U.S. for a good reason. They play an essential role in everything from building bridges to assembling cars, planes, and trucks. 

Welders’ employment is projected to grow by 8 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than most professions. 

Welding has always been a widespread trade because it combines strength with skill—especially valuable when working on complex equipment or structures. 

As technology advances and we move towards more automation within manufacturing plants, welding will continue to be in high demand.

How do you get started in a welding career?

There are many different welding careers that you can choose from, but the most important thing is to do your research. 

To become a welder, you need to pursue specific courses and certifications. Once you have those things in place, it’s time for real-world training. 

Factory-based welding programs often offer hands-on experience with various machines while teaching theory. 

After completing your apprenticeship or certification program, it’s time for the waiting game. 

Chances are good that despite having all these credentials, employers will still be looking for certified welders. 

So ensure your resume showcases everything necessary to get hired into any position, including internships where possible. 

This will help boost your confidence while interviewing for jobs and highlight any weaknesses that may need fixing.


What type of industries employs welders?

Industries that hire welders depend on the type of work being performed. However, most welding is typically used in construction and manufacturing industries where heavy metalworking is necessary to create or fix products.

How much is the average salary for a welder?

The average annual pay for a welding job in the US is about $39,000.

Is welding fun?

Welding is fun because welders use their imagination to create new pictures and make things that never existed before.

It is a very physical activity that requires focus, patience, and strength.

Is welding a good career choice? 

Welding is a good career choice if you like working with your hands and have lots of patience.

Final Thoughts 

While welding may not be the most glamorous career choice, it can provide many benefits. Welders are often in demand and have competition for jobs. 

They are also highly versatile and can use their skills in various industries. Welding is a good career choice if you’re looking for long-term stability and opportunities for growth. 

And with the increasing demand for welders in the economy, there are plenty of opportunities for qualified welders. 

So don’t worry – learning how to weld won’t ruin your career prospects; it could work quite well in your favor.

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Thanks for reading.