Is Business Management A Good Major: Curriculum & Career Opportunities

With businesses and startups not going to extinction in the nearest future, it is safe to say business management is a good major to pursue at any point.

The field is amazing, it exposes you to the various ways you can plan, manage and keep a business running for a very long time.

As a graduate of business management, you are not limited to just being a “business manager”. Instead, the major makes you suitable for most roles (from human resources to finance) in an organization.

To help you decide if business management is a good major, you must know what to expect in terms of curriculum and benefits.

This guide will explain all of this and the various high-paying jobs you can land as a business management graduate. 

Academic Curriculum of a Business Management Degree

An undergraduate business management curriculum begins with general education courses like mathematics and statistics.

The next session will feature core business courses in the areas of marketing, accounting, finance, economics, and public relations.

Towards the end of your degree, you will be allowed to pick areas of specialization and choose courses related to them. The program requires about 120 credit hours or more.

Why is Business Management a Good Major?

1. Develop key management skills

One of the supreme benefits of studying business management is that it empowers you with all the management skills you need to be indispensable to any corporation. These skill sets include:

With these skills, you can confidently make informed decisions regarding the latest developments, and ethical or economical challenges a business throws at you. 

2. Employers need you

Employability is another standout benefit of studying business management. During your major, you will be exposed to various transferable skills and strong business knowledge highly sought after by employers.

This makes you highly desirable. Not just that, a business management degree allows you to choose or shape your career in any direction you wish. These options can include:

  • Management
  • Consultancy
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Human resources
  • Retail and sales
  • Finance

3. A proper introduction to the business world

Your perception of the business world will take a new turn with a degree in business management.

This is because the course holds the key to generating quality insights regarding industry trends, reports, and the best way to apply academic theories to real-time business scenarios.

4. You can own a business

Aside from being in high demand, business management skills empower you with all the core elements you need to start a business.

During your study, your entrepreneurial skill will be tested by developing and launching different business ideas.

This will put you on the path of owning a firm and link you with potential business partners who are students like you.

5. Have a taste of multiple disciplines

If your main goal is to have a broad knowledge of business operations, a degree in business management is the perfect major for you. The field covers every aspect or department that contributes to a business’s success.

After learning these basics, you will have to choose areas of specialties and focus on courses related to them. These areas can be any of:

The ability to pick any of these fields and function optimally means you are a well-rounded graduate of business management.

6. Work in a flexible environment

Being a business management graduate exposes you to flexible roles. This means you can work from home and see to the smooth running of daily activities regardless of which department you work for.

Another advantage of flexible work options is that I allow work for more than one corporation. If you have amazing leadership skills, you are allowed to work for more than one firm as long as you can hit targets steadily for both teams.

For context, these are some of the roles with a high chance of flexibility of options:

  • Sales manager
  • Actuary
  • Tax manager
  • Management consultant
  • Business Manager

High-Paying Roles You Can Land with a Degree in Business Management

After completing your major, here are some high-paying jobs you land for yourself. You should easily earn about $60,000 or more annually with any of these roles:

1. Marketing manager

A marketing manager earns about $63,165 annually. The major responsibility of this role is to promote and ensure a business generates more revenue all the time. 

Marketing managers engage in simple tasks such as generating sales leads, estimating budgets for adverts, and developing pricing strategies. 

They also oversee the whole affairs of the marketing department and communicate with the sales team manager for information.

2. Sales manager

The average salary of a sales manager is $72, 354 per year. Individually, a sales manager is responsible for controlling the sales department. 

He or she does this by developing business plans and strategies required to ensure the company keeps meeting periodic sales targets.

A sales manager’s best friend is the marketing manager of any corporation. Together, they organize training and sensitize employees on where they need to get better.

3. Compensation and benefits manager

Compensation and benefits managers earn an average of $84,130 annually. Just as marketing and sales managers work together, compensation and benefits managers work closely with the head of HR. 

Their primary responsibility includes evaluating and modifying employees’ compensation and benefits packages according to level.

These managers also manage HR employees and prepare reports for presentation to executives.

4. Engineering manager

Engineering managers earn about $107,781 per year. This role involves managing different teams, and coordinating and overseeing engineering projects. 

While this job sounds more like something an engineer should manage, they do not have the required skill to plan and coordinate how budgets are channeled into such projects.

A business management graduate in this field is also tasked with ensuring projects are completed on time and employees are trained and guided on the best way to utilize the company’s funds.


Is business management a challenging major?

Business management is not as hard as many people think. 

If you study consistently, your experience will surely be enjoyable throughout college.

Does business management have a lot of math?

A business management degree does not feature a lot of pure math classes.

However, the majority of its courses require dealing with numbers.

What subjects are needed for business management?

A business management curriculum should typically feature courses on economics, finance, public relation, HR, and marketing.

These courses are designed to teach you the different ways organizations operate.

Final Thoughts

Business management is a good major. The program covers all the basic and specialized courses you need to start a business and see it thrive.

As far as businesses and startups are concerned, this blend of skills will make you an asset and keep jobs coming your way.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Perhaps you would like to know what it takes to be a graduate business administration, please see if business administration is a good major.

Thanks for reading.