11 Most Marketable Degrees You Can Get Online

There are a lot of degrees you can get online, but some of them are more marketable than others. Many students are in search of a valuable degree and have limited time to study.

There are a lot of people out there who have student loans to pay off and need an income to support themselves. You might be one of these people. 

You’re trying to find the best option for yourself in your chosen field, but you’re confused with all the different choices you have.

There are so many colleges, universities, and online degree programs available that it’s hard to choose what suits your budget the best. 

Are you looking for a degree, but your busy schedule prevents you from enrolling in a traditional campus-based program?

Fortunately, there are several marketable online degrees you can pursue. Here’s a list of the most marketable options, which you can find further down.

There’s sure to be something for you, whether you want to study accounting, science, or another subject entirely.

1. Computer Science Degree

If you want to get into the tech world, then a computer science degree is a great choice.

Computer science degrees have risen from the ashes like a majestic phoenix to dominate this list of the top marketable online degrees, as you might expect for any degree that combines technology and business. 

Because so much of our lives take place online, there are vast opportunities open to anyone who understands both programming and hardware.

In fact, many employers specifically request applicants with a computer science degree because they know their earning potential already.

Computer science is an exciting, ever-evolving field that offers a variety of concentrations, including artificial intelligence and robotics.

As technology continues to become a bigger part of everyday life, the demand for tech-savvy workers will increase.

Computer science continues to be one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand fields. 

2. Psychology

If you are interested in understanding human behavior and mental processes, psychology might be a good major for you.

The psychology major is one of the most popular degrees online in the United States. It combines a scientific approach to the underlying causes of human behavior with studies in counseling and therapy to assist people in improving their lives. 

Additionally, you can earn your degree from the comfort of your home with online courses from accredited institutions.

According to the American Psychology Association, there is a high demand for psychologists in schools, healthcare organizations, and industrial/organizational settings. 

You’ll be glad to know that many online psychology degrees and certifications don’t involve as many classes or labs as traditional education. 

3. Early Childhood Education

Getting an education degree can lay the groundwork for a successful career. If you’re passionate about working with young children, then a degree in early childhood education might be just the thing for you.

Not only is there a huge demand for early childhood educators, but qualified teachers are few and far between. 

Becoming a teacher, especially for young children, is a noble career that has been proven to be extremely rewarding.

The issue with early childhood education is that many parents and teachers work during the day. That’s why taking courses online can help you narrow the gap between the education you need and your current lifestyle. 

If you want to become an educator in this field, there is no better place to start than with one of these degrees online. If you’re looking for a degree that offers flexible scheduling and convenient coursework, there’s a master’s degree in early childhood education that’s right for you.

4. Business Administration Degree

Business Administration is one of the most popular online degrees that prepare students for any career.

Additionally, business administration degree jobs are growing rapidly, which requires educated individuals to perform several business roles in the real world.

Online courses are also flexible, allowing you to study in your own time and space, no matter if you work full-time or need to fit your studies around family obligations.

The variety of courses available in business administration can be overwhelming to students who are unaware of all the options. 

Accounting, management, leadership, and entrepreneurship are just a few of the different courses available. You can complete an entire degree program in business administration online in two years.

5. Health Information Technology and Health Care Administration

Health information technology and health care administration are two of the most in-demand careers today. Those with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in these fields will enjoy long and prosperous career paths, as well as high job growth. 

If you have a passion for helping others and are looking to break into the healthcare sector, consider earning one of these degrees: health information technology or healthcare administration. 

The rise in healthcare costs, accompanied by an aging population, means that opportunities in the healthcare industry will be numerous over the next decade. Both of these fields are expected to see rapid growth through 2026.

6. Marketing

There are many opportunities available for a career in marketing via online programs.

Through digital marketing, social media, and traditional advertising, marketing degrees train you to develop brand presence and customer recognition via digital marketing, social media, and traditional marketing.

Marketing is a field that is always in demand and, with the Internet, has drastically changed its form. Besides, it offers interesting avenues for a successful career. 

Most students choose this major since they enjoy marketing and are great at selling products or services, but there is the pressure of employment.

Marketing is not just about hustling for clients and making sales. That is just the tip of the iceberg for marketing professionals.

Marketing also involves planning programs and strategies, assessing performance, and conducting research. 

Furthermore, this field is volatile, as it depends on industry trends, consumer buying patterns, and economic conditions.

You must be able to bring new ideas to the table or equip things that will sell well with consumers. In exchange for your efforts, you can expect to rake in a handsome income with this degree.

Most students choose this major since they enjoy marketing and are great at selling products or services, but there is the pressure of employment.

7. Insurance & Risk Management 

Even students who already hold a bachelor’s degree can benefit from an online master’s program in risk management and insurance. This field combines business, finance, and math to provide graduates with an advanced understanding of how corporations efficiently manage risk.

So, the broad range of careers you can get with a degree in risk management is not surprising.

One of the great things about risk management degrees is that many are offered online, so you can earn your degree while working in your industry.

Insurance and risk management degrees can prepare you for a fulfilling, lucrative career. 

You can learn about several of the top insurance programs to help you decide what type of degree is right for you.

From an Associate’s Degree to a Master’s Degree, these programs can teach you all you need to know about insurance and risk management careers.

8. Human Resource Management 

Human resources specialists are one of the most in-demand professions right now. They are needed to handle payroll and benefits, recruitment, employee relations, and more.

If you love dealing with people, you might consider getting a degree in human resource management.

This type of degree is perfect for those who have strong interpersonal and communication skills and strong moral character. 

You can manage employees with these skills by hiring the right workers for the company, resolving disputes among employees, and training new employees.

You will also be responsible for preparing employee policies and establishing compensation models that benefit both the employee and the employer.

Workplace efforts are constantly evolving, so the need for talented and effective HR specialists remains high everywhere. Why is it marketable? People are a company’s most valuable asset. HR management is one of the most important fields in any company.

9. Sociology

Sociology degrees are very good for people who enjoy discussing and debating the human condition. It is a branch of social science that deals with society and the relationships between individuals within a society. 

Social psychology is expected to grow by 12 percent over the next decade, making it one of the fastest-growing fields in the behavioral sciences.

A sociology degree will provide you with the fundamental principles governing human groups, institutions, societies, and cultures. 

Specifically, a sociology degree will help you develop a better understanding of social issues, such as inequality and discrimination.

In addition, it may provide you with specific knowledge in a particular area of interest, like medical sociology or environmental sociology.

10. Culinary arts

Are you a foodie? If your friends and family think you should have your own cooking show, then culinary art is a degree worth pursuing.

Culinary arts is the perfect degree if you love to cook and want to make it a career. Online programs are available for aspiring chefs, bakers, caterers, and food service managers.

Gone are the days when all you could do with a culinary arts degree was to become a cook or a chef.

Culinary arts degrees have become more specialized and now allow you to focus on different areas of the food industry. This means that if you love to cook and wish to pursue it as a career, there are plenty of opportunities for you to explore.

A well-trained chef will never be out of work. Culinary art is a broad field that includes anything related to cooking and food preparation. A degree in this field can lead to becoming a chef or restaurant owner.

11. Creative Writing 

Sitting in class and listening to a professor talk about the theories of creative writing might not be everybody’s cup of tea. If you prefer to take your time, learn at your own pace, and hone your writing and reading skills, earning an online degree in creative writing may be ideal for you.

While a degree in journalism is more common, a degree in creative writing is by no means any less marketable.

Numerous studies from a variety of publications confirm that the demand for creative writers today continues to be robust. Writers with emphases on blogging, web content, and fiction are especially in high demand.

Creative writing courses will teach you to build up your creative writing skills. These skills can be used in a variety of work environments, such as advertising, the media, and publishing. The skills you gain here could also lead to careers in writing for TV or film.


Do you need more than just a degree for career advancement?

Yes. While degrees are still considered a benchmark for any career, something more is needed for a steady and productive career.

In addition to formal education, you must keep on learning as you go. Apart from academic knowledge, you also need to be people-oriented, innovative, and skilled at tackling challenges. 

You should never stop learning as it will enable you to grow professionally.

As an employee, you need to continue learning and developing new skills so that you can bring in new ideas and methods of working throughout your career. Continuous learning and employee development help you do that.

How can you get better at online classes?

There are many ways to get better at online classes. 

  • Choose your courses wisely: When choosing courses, make sure that they are interesting, and relevant, and can help you to become a better person. 
  • Ask questions: You may feel frustrated and hopeless at first, but remember that asking questions is the best way to get better at online classes. 
  • Be prepared to start racking up some homework, even if you’re not used to it. 
  • Repeat yourself: One of the best ways to get better at online classes is to repeat yourself. If you’ve already read the material, you might find yourself reading it again just to make sure you know it.

Final Thoughts 

It is important to be knowledgeable, creative, and most of all, responsible when you are trying to decide between online, on-campus, and other schooling options. 

Having a clear idea of your goals and needs is the best way to make sure you will be in a good position to make an informed decision. 

Then, with that information in hand, you can operate from a position of confidence to select the degree program that will do wonders for your future.

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Thanks for reading.