See 12 Reasons Political Science is a Good Major

Are you wondering if political science is a good major? The answer you’ve been looking for is yes, political science is a great major.

You can use it to prepare for a career in government or law, but you can also use it as the basis for a broad range of careers in business, nonprofit organizations, and education.

Political science is an umbrella term that encompasses all the studies related to politics. It is a study that investigates the origin, nature, and functioning of political systems.

It explores the relationships between politics and other aspects of society such as culture, religion, economics, and law among others.

But should you study political science? More specifically, should you major in it or get a degree in political science?

Well, in this article I will answer this question and help you understand why political science is an excellent choice.

What is Political Science?

Political science is the study of government and politics. It includes analyzing political theory and practice, discussing political systems and institutions, studying elections and voting behavior, analyzing public policy issues, and understanding diplomacy.

The major focuses on how power is acquired and exercised in society, who holds it, how it affects individuals and groups within society, what motivates people to participate in politics, as well as how different political systems work.

The main focus of political science is not just on what happens in government but also on how decisions are made within government agencies or other institutions such as corporations or nonprofit organizations.

Reasons Why You Should Major in Political Science

1. It’s a practical major

Political science is one of the most practical majors out there.

The knowledge you gain from it can be applied to a wide variety of careers, from law to public administration to government relations.

And even if you don’t want to work in politics directly after college, an understanding of how it works can help you make better decisions in other areas of life.

2. There will always be a demand for political scientists

In an increasingly globalized world, there are more and more opportunities for political scientists to apply their skills abroad or even as foreign policy wonks within the U.S. government itself.

As long as there are human beings who live together in groups and are interested in politics and government, there will always be a need for people who understand these things well enough to explain them to others.

3. It allows students to network

As a political science major, you will meet people who work in politics and business at conferences, workshops, and job fairs throughout your college years and beyond.

You’ll gain important skills through internships, study abroad programs, and networking opportunities with professors and alumni working in fields related to public policy, law enforcement, and foreign service agencies around the globe

These experiences help students develop professional networks they can rely on long after graduation from college. In addition, these kinds of events tend to attract recruiters from companies looking for new talent.

4. Allows you to be politically active

Political science allows you to be politically active. Many college students become involved in politics as soon as they set foot on campus.

But if your passion lies elsewhere, political science can still provide an outlet for activism by exposing you to other cultures and helping you understand where they’re coming from and what they feel is important (even if they believe things differently than you do).

5. Political science majors are valuable assets in many fields

Political scientists study the world around them, how it works and why it works that way, and they use this knowledge to make it better.

This makes them valuable assets in any job market. They can be found working as lawyers, lobbyists, journalists, consultants, and even teachers. Some go on to pursue careers in government or public service as well.

6. Political science offers a great degree of flexibility

If you’re looking for a job after graduation, you might think that political science majors don’t have many options. But that’s not true at all. There are plenty of jobs available for political science majors in both the public and private sectors (and everything in between).

In fact, many graduates go on to work as managers or consultants for government agencies or non-profit organizations like think tanks.

7. Promotes critical thinking

The critical thinking skills that students develop through their studies aren’t just applicable to political science; they can be used across disciplines as well.

These skills will help them make good decisions throughout their lives and careers. Not just when it comes time to choose an elective course or two at university or college.

8. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of society

Political science majors learn how government works and how it affects people and communities throughout the world.

This knowledge helps them understand how policies and laws impact their lives, which makes them valuable employees in any field they choose to enter after graduation.

9. You can make a difference by advocating change

It’s not just about getting a job after college; it’s also about being able to actively participate in your community or country and make local or national changes as needed/wanted. Political science majors often advocate for change in the government or public policy.

You can work on campaigns, lobby for legislation, or work for non-profits that are trying to improve society. Whether you’re interested in environmental policy or criminal justice reform, there’s something for everyone in the political science field.

10. You’ll learn how good leaders come to be

You’ll learn about how politics affects our everyday life, but more importantly, you’ll learn about how good leaders come to be.

As an aspiring leader yourself one day, this information will help guide you as you move forward in your career path.

You’ll learn about what makes someone successful in this field, both from an academic perspective and a practical perspective (i.e., what skills are important?). You’ll also see what traits successful politicians share in common.

11. Teaches you how to debate

Debate skills are extremely valuable in any career field, especially if you want to be an attorney.

You may also find them useful for presenting at conferences or meetings, or even just when talking with friends or family members who disagree with you politically.

12. Offer direct application to real-life problems

Political science is a good major because it offers a direct application to real-life problems. The skills you learn will be useful in many different fields, and your knowledge of government can help you make more informed decisions about things like voting and running for office.

Whether it’s working for the government or non-profit groups, or pursuing a career in law or teaching, political science can be applied to real-life problems.

What is Job Outlook for Political Science Majors Like?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects job growth for political scientists to increase by 9% from 2020 to 2030, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

Political scientists who have advanced degrees are more likely than those with bachelor’s degrees to find jobs in academia or research positions.

They may also find employment as analysts or consultants at private businesses or nonprofit organizations.

BLS projected that there will be about 700 available jobs per year, on average, over the decades for political scientists. These jobs will be available as a result of people retiring and changing their jobs or careers.


Is political science hard?

As many people presume, studying political science as a major is not actually hard. However, like every other discipline, there are challenging and difficult aspects of it.

Is political science a good major for law school?

Political science is one of the best degrees for law schools. Because you will learn writing, critical thinking, reading, and public speaking. And the knowledge of the Constitution, policies, and laws is a great addition.

How much do political scientists earn?

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average salary of a political scientist is $122,510 per year.

What do you need to become a political scientist?

You will need at least a master’s degree in political science, public administration, or a related field.

What does a political scientist do?

In summary, political science majors study the origin, development, and operation of political systems.

These can include research, collecting, and analyzing data, forecasting political trends, monitoring current events, evaluating the effects of laws and policies, and so on.

Conclusion: Is Political Major Worth It?

Political science is a great major if you’re interested in public policy, diplomacy, and international relations. It’s also a good major if you want to pursue careers in law or business and have an interest in politics or governance.

Political science majors are needed in fields such as law enforcement, government service, and education, as well as many other areas where having an informed perspective on politics is essential. Even if you don’t want to choose it as a career, it is a great way for students to prepare for a wide variety of careers, as well as graduate school.

I hope you found this article helpful. I would recommend you check out what you can do with a Political Science Degree.

Thank you for reading.