Working A Full-Time And Part-Time Job – Is It Possible?

Working a full-time and a part-time job is difficult, but it is doable. However, you should follow specific steps or guidelines to ensure you work adequately without putting your health at risk.

Yes, we all want to make more money for one reason or another. But how exactly do you juggle these two jobs effectively?

In this article, I will discuss part-time and full-time jobs and the best tips to juggle these two jobs efficiently.

An overview of part-time jobs

According to the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA), a part-time job requires a person to work fewer hours. Although there isn’t a set hour that determines a part-time job, it is up to the employer to decide.

But traditionally, it is supposed to take no more than 32 hours weekly to be called a part-time job. One of the most important features of a part-time job is schedule flexibility.

This way, a worker can work some days and rest or work another job other days. Also, the worker can choose to work night shifts as well.

Part-time jobs mostly assign tasks to workers to conduct at their convenience. However, deadlines or workloads are set for the workers to benefit both parties.

This type of job benefits employees who are currently studying or working two or three other part-time jobs.

An overview of full-time jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a full-time job requires a worker to work longer daily.

Generally, full-time jobs take around 40 hours weekly and around 160 hours monthly. People who work this job also get greater tasks or workloads than part-time workers.

Furthermore, there are perks and benefits that they are entitled to that are not available to part-time workers.

Some of these benefits include; healthcare, sick pay, vacation time, and payment into pension funds.

The downside of this job is that the working hours are usually rigid and strict. As a result, workers are required to be committed to their work to get the best result.

The schedule of a full-time job is not as flexible as that of a part-time one. They generally work longer at fixed hours of the day, mostly five days a week, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Can you work both full-time and part-time jobs?

Yes, you can. It is possible to have both a part-time and a full-time job. This way, you make more income while diversifying your knowledge and making new friends.

Whatever your reason, you should know how to manage or juggle both jobs. I will further highlight the best techniques or strategies to help your course.

How can you manage a part-time with a full-time job?

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If you are taking on a part-time job to add to your full-time job, you must plan carefully, so it is worth your time. Below are some tips on how to juggle these two jobs;

1. Find the best possible part-time job

If you are looking to take on extra work, you must ensure that the new part-time job is perfect for your current job. Consider your daily schedule and which job matches your calendar.

For example, if you work a full-time job that requires you to work from 9 to 5 daily, you can look for jobs that require you to work on different days.

Another option could be finding a part-time job that involves you working from home.

You can also look for tutoring jobs; that way, you work hourly and get paid $15-$23 an hour on average in major cities.

2. Schedule your time

When you pick up a second job, other aspects of your life may suffer. For example, you may not get adequate sleep, which is unhealthy for you.

Most people do not have time to cook, do house chores, or even hang out with friends. So, you must have a schedule to help you plan and organize how your days will go.

3. Ensure you protect your full-time job

Part-time jobs don’t pay as much as full-time jobs. That being said, you should ensure your part-time job doesn’t put your other full-time job at risk.

Naturally, your employer may show concern that your second job might affect the first. It is up to you to show that you can handle both by ensuring you continue to deliver quality results.

4. Commitment is key

I have this saying I tell myself whenever I want to commit to something; “whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.”

Always focus on committing to whatever task is entrusted to you. Focus on making any little task great.

Those successes would be more significant than the big tasks on which you gave a mediocre performance.

5. Create room to spend time with yourself

No matter how much you choose to work, your brain needs rest and quality time.

Always create time to spend more time with yourself, see a movie, or go out with friends; you’ll thank yourself later.

Is a part-time job worth it?

Absolutely. Apart from getting extra cash, having a part-time job has additional benefits. Such as;

1. It helps develop your skills

Working in one sector is one thing, but being able to work in another or diversify your skills is another. For example, you could be a doctor with an interest in IT.

A part-time IT job will help you reach that goal while developing your skills.

2. It is another way of trying a new career path

Having the chance to try another career path is something many people wish to do. Working two jobs allows you to try this in your spare or leisure time.


Can your employer stop you from getting a part-time job?

No, unless it is stated in your contract.

Take a few minutes to go through your contacts, and if you need further clarity, you can contact HR for more guidance.

Which jobs can you try as part-time jobs?

There are several part-time jobs you can do. They include retail, adult care, tutoring, and bartending.

Do you pay more tax on a second job?

Taxes are directly proportional to income. The more money you earn, the more taxes you pay.

In addition, if your part-time job pay is significant, it may elevate your overall income into a higher tax bracket. This means you’d have to pay more tax.

When should you quit your part-time job?

Quit your part-time job if it:

  • takes too much of your time
  • pays way below your full-time job
  • affects your social life
  • offers no job satisfaction

Can you work a full-time job during the day and part-time at night?

Although it is possible, it is not advised. Getting adequate rest is crucial for optimal performance, and if you are not getting any sleep, it harms your health.

Working a full-time and part-time job

It is possible to have both a full-time and part-time job. In fact, I have friends who have up to three remote full-time jobs these days.

However, you must ensure you plan your schedule to work effectively and get enough rest without compromising your social life.

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Thanks for reading.