Why Is Physics So Hard & How Can You Get Better At It?

Being a good physicist means understanding how things work and why they work that way. Additionally, it requires prior knowledge of math to prove various theories, and for many, this can be quite challenging. So, why exactly is physics hard?

There are many reasons why you may find physics hard. The most common reason is lack of practice. This is because it requires constant practice to master each theory’s concept.

If you want to know other reasons people find physics hard, tips to help you get better at it, and why it is such an important subject to learn, then read on.

What is physics?

Physics is the study of matter, motion, fundamental constituents, and energy. It also studies fundamental scientific disciplines and the behavior of the universe.

This subject is also all about representing abstract ideas with concrete mathematics. The basic mathematics needed for this subject include trigonometry, algebra, calculus, and geometry.

Why do people believe physics is hard?

There are several reasons people find this subject to be hard. They include;

1. Memorizing instead of understanding

For many people, their first experience with physics may have been a bit challenging. This has caused them to memorize solutions rather than understand them.

This tactic may work on the first few assessments or assignments. However, down the line, they come across more complex questions, get stuck, and conclude that physics is hard.

2. Physics requires both thinking and implementation

To be good at physics, you must possess good thinking and implementation skills. Thinking includes knowing the right computational method and how to implement it successfully.

Besides learning theories, you must also know how to apply them. Many people lack this ability, which is why they find the subject hard.

3. Lack of understanding of math

Imagine taking a test or exam in a language you do not understand properly. The same applies to physics for many, but in this case, the language needed is math.

Math on its own is a very complex subject that many find to be hard as well. How do people understand physics when they don’t understand the language it speaks?

4. Lack of conceptual understanding

Not only is physics mathematically demanding, but it is also conceptually demanding. This means that it requires you to think critically to tackle problems.

For many people, conceptual thinking and math are two fields of their own. It becomes hard for them to implement these two at once.

5. Fear

You know the mind is a great weapon, and it could also be a great weakness. Many people go into class with the fear or mentality that physics is hard, and this can reflect on their performance.

So, how can you be better at physics?

There are many ways to improve your performance in this subject. Some of them include the following;

1. Know all the terms used precisely

One way of getting more confused is not understanding a term’s meaning before solving it. You must understand the problems’ terms and laws to improve.

While it is obvious that physics requires math, you still need to understand what law is needed. This way, you increase your chances of getting it right.

2. Explain things in your word

Like the famous Albert Einstein said, “You don’t understand something well enough if you can’t explain it.” You must also learn to break complex definitions into terms that you can understand.

Many students make the mistake of memorizing and regurgitating a definition. This term is usually known as fragile knowledge.

Fragile knowledge occurs when one knows something in a textbook but doesn’t know how to apply it in real life. A good way to overcome this is by reading different definitions until you understand enough to describe them in your own words.

3. Master the basics of math

Physics is built on the foundation of mathematics. This is true, for you to be good at this subject, you must also excel in math.

Besides, you can’t call yourself a physicist without fundamental math knowledge. Math formulas are tools for you; however, you must know how each tool works.

Spend time learning the basics before moving on to complex problems. Some basic math includes; trigonometry, algebra, calculus, and geometry.

4. Know the basics of Physics

You should also spend time understanding the basics of physics as well. Newton’s law of motion and energy conversion are some of the most important basic topics you can learn.

5. Create a flashcard for Physics class

You can create a flashcard to help you study better. If you come across anything new or complex, simply jot it down on your flashcard. Later on in your study time, try to revise or review what you took down.

You’d be surprised that the flashcard would come in handy later on. So, always remember to go to classes with your flashcard.

6. Build a positive mindset

Learn to say more of “I can” than “can I?”. A negative mindset has negative effects; learn to be positive, and you might find physics fun.

7. Get a good tutor if you need extra help

If you still find it hard to comprehend what you are learning, you can get a tutor for extra help. You can also organize group study with your friends, this way you can be more motivated to learn. Also, you can seek your teacher’s advice if you deem it necessary.

Why is physics so important?

Physics is so important because it applies to various disciplines today. Engineering, computer science, medicine, aerospace, and technology require physics to understand how things work.


How can you get an A in physics?

The best practice would be to make good notes, practice previous questions, and study adequately before the exam.

How can you make physics easier?

Understand the concept better and interpret it in your own words.

Can physics be fun?

Yes. With the right mindset or motivation, you can find it to be fun.

Is physics useful?

Yes, it is. Physics is the basis of many other disciplines and modern technological advancements.

Can you memorize physics laws?

No, you can’t. Memorizing laws or equations is bad practice, instead, try to understand them in your own words.


Physics is a very important subject that is crucial in many aspects of life today. It is only hard when you don’t practice and commit to it.

However, with the right mindset and strategy, you can make it easier and more fun to learn.

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