Why Bother Working For A Living – 10 Primary Reasons

Working for a living is not easy; it requires patience and hard work. Many of us work because we have to, and we don’t have a choice and don’t want to depend on others. 

And at times, it’s even hard to get your dream job, and then you wonder, What’s the whole point of working anyway? However, when you realize that work should be a tool, not a burden, you can see it more clearly. 

We all want to live happy lives and must work to achieve this. But the question is, how much should we work? The truth is, we can’t work to live; we can only live to work.

If you’re feeling down or frustrated, I hope this article brings you fresh reasons to see why your work is important. It’s no new news, but here are some reasons you should bother working for a living.

1. To Earn a Living

Why bother working for a living? We all ask ourselves this question at different times in our lives. 

The answer is simple: We work to earn a living because we have to. If you don’t work, then someone else will. This is the most common reason why we work. 

We want to be able to support ourselves and our families and make sure we have enough money for food, shelter, clothes, etc.

Although people work for many reasons, some are forced to work long hours because of circumstances beyond their control. And some just love their jobs and will do anything to keep them. 

The bottom line is that you cannot do many things without a job or source of income.

2. You Cannot Afford to be Lazy

Let’s face it; we live in a society that values money and is surrounded by advertisements for things we want and need. If you’re rich, all of this would be irrelevant because you don’t need to work for your money. 

But if you’re not rich, or you were, but lost your job, everything suddenly becomes crucial. Most people in the world work because they cannot afford not to. 

The average salary in the United States is $56,310 per year, and the average rent is $1,164 per month.

This means that you will have to spend more than half your income on housing if you want to be able to afford food, transportation, health care, education, and other necessities like clothing.

You just can’t afford to be lazy.

3. To Buy Necessities and Luxuries

Working is a great way to earn money and make a living, but there are items you can only get by working for them. 

If you want a car, for example, you’ll have to pay for it with your wages regardless of whether or not you get paid enough to afford one. 

Working also allows you to save up for things that aren’t cheap: holidays, nice clothes, and gadgets which some people might consider luxuries. 

There’s nothing wrong with having these things because they’re useful. However, you should all be aware of how much money we spend on them and how much we need before buying them.

4. Gain Emotional Satisfaction

Another reason many people work is to gain emotional satisfaction. They want to feel useful and productive, and they want to make money so they can buy things. 

They may also enjoy the challenge of their job, or they may simply have a passion for it. If you’re working to gain emotional satisfaction, your job has to be meaningful. 

When you get home from work each day, it must put a smile on your face. Furthermore, it should give you pride in yourself when people compliment you on your work.

You must also be able to see a future for yourself at work, which means that there must be an external goal that pushes you forward every day. 

5. Social Interaction and Networking

Socializing with people is a big part of working for a living. Social interaction is one of the most important things we do in life, but it’s often overlooked as something that doesn’t matter. 

It does matter, though, because it helps us form long-lasting relationships and friendships with people who can help us improve at what we do.

One of the most important aspects of a job is the ability to interact with people, either face-to-face or virtually.

Networking with colleagues, customers and vendors will help you build relationships and create professional connections that can be invaluable later in your career. 

You’ll also learn from other people’s experiences and skills, which is a great way to improve your knowledge base.

6. Gain Personal Growth 

 Working for a living is not always bad; it can be gratifying and offer you plenty of opportunities to grow in your career, learn new skills, and make friends. 

Another important reason people work is that they want to be around others who share their interests and passions.

This is why the best place for entrepreneurs to build their businesses is in the community rather than at home – where they can work alone.

Work gives us purpose, provides structure, and teaches us lessons about our strengths and weaknesses. 

Working helps us develop skills that will serve us throughout our lives: how to write well, speak persuasively in public, and make decisions under pressure. Your work will help you develop personal growth.

7. Become an Expert at Something

 A common reason people work for a living is that they want to become an expert at something.  When you’re younger, your idea of success is to become an expert at something. 

Whether playing the piano or learning to code, the goal is to become so good that people will pay you for your expertise. This is a great way to live your life, particularly if you enjoy what you’re doing and are passionate about it. 

This is one of the best reasons to work for a living because it guarantees you will never be bored. 

Expertise can only be achieved in two ways: either by learning by doing or by becoming completely absorbed in something.

8.  A Sense of Security and Financial Freedom

There are many reasons why working for a living is the best way to achieve security and financial freedom. It allows us to be our boss and makes us accountable for our actions. 

You can also save money so you can take care of your family or invest in other ways – like buying a house or starting a business.

You work to have a sense of security and financial freedom. You want to be able to pay for the things that make you happy.

9. Have Financial Security in Old Age

Having a good retirement is one reason most people get into work in the first place. 

You may not have all the money in the world in old age, but your little will allow you to live comfortably as long as you live.

You will also be able to take time off when you need it, which gives you the flexibility to relax while still earning income.

10. Contribute to Society Within Your Unique Abilities

 Yes, money is the primary reason people work, but there are other benefits to working. You get to use your unique abilities to contribute to society.  

You can also learn valuable skills to help you get ahead. Furthermore,  you may have a greater purpose working for yourself than a large company or government agency.

 Life is about making contributions to the world. The more you understand your unique talents and passions, the more you’ll be able to contribute to humanity.


Is there more to life than working?

Yes, there is more to life than working. You must take care of yourself, mind, soul, and body.

At what age should you have a career?

The age at which you have a career is relative to you. You can have it early if you are smart enough to build one.

Is work more important than your family?

No, work should not be more important than family. And there are several reasons why this is a fact.

Is it necessary to love your job?

It is compulsory to love your job, but it will be much easier to excel in it if you do. A job you love benefits many areas of your life and, in most cases, improves it. 

Working Gives You a Sense of Purpose 

Working for a living may seem like a modern phenomenon. Yet, archeological evidence shows that most people labored for sustenance at least 10,000 years ago. 

Work gives us a sense of identity, provides a path for self-actualization and self-realization, and can contribute to our overall health and well-being. 

For most of us, work is a part of life; hence, you should continue to find meaning and purpose in the world of work.

Now that you have seen why it’s important to work for a living, you should try your best to be your best at work. 

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Thanks for reading.