See 9 Top Job Sites Like Indeed

Are you searching for a job and need reliable sites or platforms like Indeed? With numerous fake job platforms that have nothing to offer, your job hunt can lead to frustration. 

I will highlight some of the most reliable job sites that have great job opportunities like Indeed in this article. 

Top job sites like indeed you should try out

1. LinkedIn

An American internet service focused on business and employment, LinkedIn is a social network accessible through mobile apps and websites. 

The platform, which was introduced on May 5, 2003, enables companies to advertise positions and allows job seekers to publish resumes.

LinkedIn mostly helps with networking opportunities and career advancement.

2. Monster

An international job board owned and run by Monster Worldwide, Inc., in addition to offering job listings offers numerous career-related services. Some of these services include;

  • Free resume assessement 
  • Career advise and assessment 
  • Ability to calculate the average salary based on the degree you studied and the location of your job search.
  • Helping you prepare for an interview by offering you access to their library of top interview questions. 

Job listings on range from part-time to full-time jobs and can either be remote or on-site depending on your preference.

3. Ladders

Ladders, Inc. offers online job search assistance as well as career news, resources, and counseling. Only carefully screened job offers with annual wages of $100,000 or more are listed by their search service.

Also, the job site offers its services in two forms; basic and premium membership. 

4. Scouted

Scouted assists businesses, from Fortune 500 firms to fresh startups, in identifying the attributes they want in potential workers.

In order to help applicants get through the resume screening process and obtain positions based on their personality, the employment site downplays conventional criteria like major, GPA, and previous job titles. 

Additionally, they assist applicants to understand and promote their hobbies, abilities, and potential. It ultimately comes down to pairing talented individuals with progressive businesses.

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5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an American job board that is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and offers job listings to prospective employees. 

Even better, the job site also has a feature that allows past and current employees of companies to anonymously review the company. 

Because these reviews are from verified sources, prospective candidates applying to those companies can learn about the pay structure and work culture. 

This prevents job candidates from applying to companies with poor reviews and also helps companies become less toxic to their employees.

6. Getwork

Known for its current and accurate listings, Getwork is another top U.S. job board that gets its job listings directly from the website of employers. Job listings on Getwork are uploaded daily and contain no duplicates or spam.

Job listings on the site can also easily be applied for without you having to go through annoying signups as you see on most job platforms. 

7. FlexJobs

For professionals looking for flexible employment, there is FlexJobs, a premium online job board that focuses on on-site positions with flexibility.

The site also provides part-time, and alternative schedules jobs as well as full-time and part-time remote jobs, employee roles, and freelance work.

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8. AngelList

AngelList connects startups with angel investors and job seekers. It was established in 2010 as an online introduction board for tech businesses in need of seed money.

Since 2015, the website has made it free for new businesses to raise capital from angel investors and also get access to employees. 

9. Snagajob

Snagajob is a website that lists hourly jobs. You can browse through millions of hourly jobs on the employment marketplace. These job postings also include opportunities where employers are urgently in need of candidates.

What type of website is Indeed? 

Indeed can be best described as a search engine for job openings and work-related opportunities. 

This platform introduces job seekers to their preferred job fields and job locations. Indeed job listings come directly from company websites or from recruitment agencies, newspapers, or job boards. 

Also, companies can open an account on the platform if they wish to directly upload and inform job seekers of available positions. 

Job categories on Indeed are quite broad and can include:

The platform houses a lot of employers who post jobs from various fields, making it easy for job seekers to meet prospective employers directly.

Indeed also allows job seekers to create and update their resumes on the platform.

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How do websites like indeed make money?

Job sites like indeed make their money through pay-per-click advertisements which you can find on most sites and also by charging employers. 

While you can post job listings for free on the platform, companies or employers can pay for additional perks like more reach or visibility on ads. 

Other means by which Indeed generates revenue include:

What are the differences between Indeed and LinkedIn? 

You’re probably wondering why people bother with job sites like Indeed when a platform like LinkedIn exists. 

Well for starters, LinkedIn is generally a social network for professionals and job seekers while Indeed functions as a job search engine

People make use of LinkedIn for networking purposes and to develop professional relationships with their peers in related fields, employers, and companies alike.

Although you can also use LinkedIn in securing jobs, the platform is better suited to small companies. 

Small companies tend to seek a more personal connection with candidates and to understand who they might end up working with.

This makes a social network like LinkedIn where employers can peruse the profiles of prospective employees and vice versa, a better option. 

LinkedIn also allows job seekers to follow the pages of companies they would like to work for and learn about their prospective employers, interact with current employees, and learn about the work culture over there. This makes it easier to avoid toxic workspaces. 

Indeed, however, works by streamlining the hiring process with straightforward job postings. The platform also offers on-platform interviews and applicant tracking systems.

The accuracy of the platform also makes it easier for you to acquire jobs you have experience doing.


Why is Indeed good? 

The most widely used job board worldwide is Indeed. Job seekers adore it since it makes the process of looking for work easier. It compiles all the data people require to locate their ideal employment onto a single website.

You also get timely notifications about who is hiring. 

Where is Indeed based?

Indeed has its headquarters located at 7501 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin, Texas, USA

Do job seekers need to pay a fee on Indeed? 

No, as a job seeker, Indeed is totally free for you.

Recruiters remain the only people who might need to pay for using Indeed’s services. These services include sponsored job postings to gain more audience. 


While these sites offer similar services to Indeed, they also offer certain services that make them unique. 

For example, Scouted services are more suited to new college graduates who have little or no work experience in their field of study.

Glassdoor, in addition to job offers, also provides users with reviews about companies they might be interested in. These individual features set them among the top job sites in the United States like Indeed. 

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I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.