How To Get An Acting Agent Without Experience

If you are new at acting, I am sure you know how hard it is to get an agent without experience. But while it may be challenging, it is not impossible to do.

Although many agents tend to go for the already proven ones, you can still get them to notice just how talented you are. All you have to do is to prove you have what it takes to roll with the top dogs.

In this article, I will discuss acting agents, their importance, and how you can get one without any experience.

What is an acting agent?

who is an acting agent

An acting agent represents and promotes an actor or actress. They are responsible for negotiating roles, pay, and working conditions for the actor or actress.

What makes acting agents so important?

Finding a professional actor or actress who made it into the limelight without an acting agent is hard. Below are some reasons acting agents are in demand.

1. They sell your talent to directors

An acting agent knows that acting is a business and your talent is a product. Agents market your talent to various producers (who are potential customers). This is a very important aspect, especially for those with little experience.

2. They are well connected

Acting agents have connections with different people in the industry. They possess knowledge or information that even other top actors or actresses aren’t aware of.

3. Offers guidance

An acting agent wants the best for any of their clients because the better you are, the more it benefits both parties. So they ensure they give their clients the best guidance they can offer.

This guidance could vary; it could be where to get more training, what character to employ to help your career, etc.

4. Negotiate salaries and contracts on your behalf

For you to focus more on your craft, the acting agent is the one to negotiate on your behalf. Having the necessary experience, they ensure they get the best contract and pay cut possible for you.

5. Get clients auditions weekly

Through their relationship with producers, they can submit auditions on your behalf. Auditions that seemed impossible when you had no agent running things for you.

How to get an acting agent without experience

Now that you know how vital an acting agent is, let’s see how you can get one without experience.

1. Practice your acting

It is almost impossible to get an acting agent if you don’t know how to act. You can practice acting yourself, join community theatre programs, or apply for formal acting classes.

These acting classes will enhance your focus, memorization, and improvisation skills. This way, you develop your skills and increase your chances of becoming an acting agent.

2. Build a killer demo reel

As a new actor or actress with no formal experience or credit to your name, how you present yourself is critical. Another way of increasing your chances of getting an acting agent is to have a killer demo reel.

Hire a professional videographer or anyone with valid experience to help you shoot some scenes. With the help of an editor, you can edit these videos into a 2 or 3 minutes reel.

Ensure the reel shows you playing different roles, showing the agent that you can fit in different roles. This will give you that edge over other actors or actresses who can fit into only one or two types of roles.

You can send this reel to the agent via their email address or phone number. Some agents even have websites where different talents can reach out to them.

3. Make good headshots

When submitting your portfolio to an agent’s office, ensure you add headshots of yourself. The agent has not seen you personally, and these headshots would help him know just how good-looking you are.

The best option is to send natural pictures that have not been edited or filtered. Also, the picture should show you with no or little make-up.

4. Build a strong online presence

With the internet being an integral part of our life today, you must build a strong online presence. Agents always search the internet for new and emerging talents to represent.

Utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to showcase your talent. Upload your performance, audition tape, practice videos, and monologue on these platforms, and ask your followers to share.

5. Seek referrals and recommendation

Contact your family, friends, and co-workers for referrals or recommendations. You might even be surprised to discover that a few have connections with acting agents.

6. Attend auditions

While searching for an acting agent, you can start with minor roles until it is time to shine.

Apply for auditions and showcase your talent; you might be lucky to even come across an acting agent.

Spend time researching the role you are auditioning for, and learn not to act but be the character. Showcase your ability to understand a character’s emotions and personality.

7. Make it known

When attending auditions or improv plays, know you are searching for acting agents. Some agents even attend auditions and improv events secretly to search for talents.

Even when you meet colleagues at auditions, tell them you are looking for an agent. They may know someone or have leads that may be helpful.

8. Organize your own showcasing

You can also organize a showcasing with other actors and actresses in search of agents. You all can pitch in your ideas and produce a play; it doesn’t have to be extensive.

Contact all agents you can reach out to and send them an invite. Remember not to charge them any fee, so it is easier to honor your invitation. However, some are happy to come either way.

Even if you do not get an agent after the showcase, the experience can be added to your portfolio.


Do acting agents charge for finding auditions?

Acting agents do not charge you for auditions. They help you secure an acting job and get a percentage when you get paid, mostly between 10 – 20 percent.

Do all actors and actresses need an acting agent?

Yes, they do.

Without an acting agent, getting acting gigs tends to be harder.

How can you be a better actor or actress?

Practice independently, attend improv events, attend community theatre programs, or register for acting classes.

Is it hard to get an acting agent?

With the right guidance or marketing skills, getting an acting agent is easy.

Are commercials part of the experience of an actor?

Yes, they are.

How to get an acting agent without experience

Getting an acting agent without experience is quite challenging, but it is not impossible. With the right strategy or marketing, you can get one for yourself.

Ensure you take every opportunity to improve your acting and present yourself professionally. Also, build an excellent social media presence to help your course.

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Thanks for reading.