How To Choose The Best Methods Of Training For Employees

Wondering how you can choose the best methods of training for your employees?

Technology advances daily, and with that, new ways are derived for carrying out tasks, and there is a constant modification of how things should be done.

This means you need to invest in training and development consistently as individuals and organizations.

In doing that, the first question you should answer is, how do you choose the best employee training method?

Well, the article aims to introduce you to the best employee training methods and how to choose the one suitable for your organization.

How To Choose The Best Methods Of Training For Employees

For you to choose the right training methods for employees, you need to be aware that the training method depends on what your organization needs and what training method will work best for you.

To choose the right training, take note of this;

1. Identify the purpose of the training

To choose the best training method for employees, you need to be clear on why or the purpose of training your employee. This will guide you on what type of training will be effective for your employees and organization.

You don’t just want to train your employees; in the end, you cannot achieve your purpose.

How To Choose The Best  Methods Of Training For Employees

Purpose lets you know what kind of training will work for your employee in their field. You can’t just use the same method for all of them.

You must understand your employee’s distinctive offices, what is the goal of the training and how it can be of impact on them.

2. Be aware of the audience

What makes impactful and successful training is when your employees or audience understands the need and benefit of the training.  To decide that, you must consider certain things.

The age and generation your employee fall into are important. If the employee is elderly, he/she will likely be comfortable with class-based training or interactive learning. In contrast, millennials might prefer online training or learning socially.

Another thing to consider is the kind of job. Is it a simple or technical job? If it is a job that requires basic knowledge, you might make use of online training or training on the job.

However, for a more complex job, you should use interactive learning to achieve your desired result to avoid boring training.

3. Consider cost and available resources

Training requires you to invest your time, resources, and money.  However, you don’t always have enough time to effectively train your employees, so online learning might be a better option than a one-day workshop.

Also, to avoid spending beyond the organization’s budget, you might need employees who have been trained and are experienced in training new or inexperienced employees.  

Instead of spending money on the venue for classroom training, you can organize in-house coaching, task, or seminar. You can also make use of online material. The goal is to reduce costs.  

Methods of Training for Employees

1. Online training

This has become one of the most popular ways of learning and training, which has proven effective. Online training can either be in the form of courses, video conferences, or webinars.

However, this depends on what works best for the employee and what’s ideal for remote jobs.

How To Choose The Best  Methods Of Training For Employees

The challenge can be the training cost or difficulty finding a suitable learning management system.

2. Onsite training

This is one of the traditional ways of learning. It is training done in a physical place or off-site. Training can be done for many people at once and include many activities with so much knowledge and information.

The challenge of this method is cost. It is usually costlier than any other method; the cost of the venue, feeding, catering, traveling, and training equipment. Asides from that, many employees might see this training method as boring.

3. Social learning

This kind of learning is done by watching, observing, and imitating other people’s behavior. It is common among remote workers.

This requires you to be intentional and is a very effective means of training. It encourages one to strive for more and go beyond their limits to improve.

4. Interactive training

Everyone likes to interact. This makes this training one of the best as it encourages learners’ engagement and contribution.

The training can be in the form of surveys, quizzes, games, or scenarios. It makes learners share their own experiences and become open to knowing how to improve.

The challenge of this training is time. It takes a lot of time, especially if it is done physically.

5. Learning on the job

This is when an employee is currently involved in his/her job activities and simultaneously being trained.

How To Choose The Best  Methods Of Training For Employees

This is an effective method of training and enhances the employee’s learning speed and capacity. However, it can be challenging as it might be stressful and time-consuming for employees.


What is the best training method for employees?

The most effective employee training methods are online and on-the-job training (eLearning). However, it is important to consider other factors such as cost, staff exposure, resources, and technology involved.

What is the first step when selecting a training method?

The very first step is knowing the purpose of the training. You must have a clear understanding of the objectives that you plan to achieve with the training.

Conclusion: How to Choose the Best Methods of Training for Employees

For an organization, training shouldn’t end or be a one-off. There must be consistent training and development of employees for an organization to grow and succeed.

With the help of the learning management systems, the methods you want can be arranged in a place, and you can also keep a tab on your training progress.

But before you choose a training method, you must be aware of how to choose the best training methods for employees. That way, you can see the desired result in developing and training your employees.

I hope you found this article helpful. You should also check out the importance of employee training.

Thanks for reading.