See Examples Of High Moral Standards & Their Importance

High moral standards refer to upholding a universally accepted norm of justice or kindness and remaining moral. The expression is frequently used to denote that someone has a self-righteous attitude.

This article explains all you need to understand about high moral standards, how to develop them, examples of moral values, and their importance.

What do high moral standards mean?

Having high moral standards means valuing honesty and avoiding wrongdoing. Stealing, lying, cheating, disobeying the law, etc. are all things that someone with high moral values would despise.


It entails acting morally both for the benefit of people at large and for yourself. Morality, ethics, honesty, and humanitarian ideals are just a few of the interconnected concepts that make up high moral standards. 

It also means having knowledge that the activities committed are appropriate and right.

You can also define high moral standards as being beyond reproach when it comes to dealings with others, and maintaining a high level of honesty and loyalty.

While the path to high morality is possible, it is quite difficult as the path of righteousness holds a lot of resistance.

What are examples of high moral standards? 

Absolute moral standards are founded on unchanging truths about what it means to be human. For instance, murder is wicked because it violates certain laws. These are also referred to as socially accepted moral standards. 

Here are some instances of high moral standards:

  • Do not commit murder 
  • Observe others’ property rights.
  • Treat others the same way you would want to be treated
  • Do not steal
  • Maintain honesty and loyalty
  • Be mindful of the things you say to others

Why are good moral standards important?

Good moral standards are crucial for society because they teach individuals how to get along and coexist peacefully.

They instill in you the notion that all people are created equal, and that it is, therefore, unacceptable to treat people differently on the basis of their race or ethnicity.

Here are some ways in which good moral standards are important to society. 

1. It influences attitudes, beliefs, and behavior

Developing good moral values helps mold your beliefs and attitude. These virtues help uplift communities, societies and countries, and the world in general. It also determines your composure or behavior around people. 

A society with more morally upright citizens will record fewer crimes and foster a greater sense of community. 

Hence, it is crucial that moral values are developed in children at a young age to ensure how they’ll behave as adults. 

2. Morally upright citizens are hardly negatively influenced

At some point in your life, you would have experienced peer pressure and its effect. While this has become a normal phenomenon we all face at some point in our lives, it can have negative effects. 

People who are victims of peer pressure feel forced to do certain things in order to please their friends. This plays a major role in some of the decisions you make from your choice of clothing to bad habits or vices. 

High moral values help prevent the negative influences you might face from social media, peers, or society. This is because those who have great moral values instilled in them can differentiate between right and wrong before making sound decisions. 

Hence, people with high moral standards are confident about how they feel and will resist peer pressure properly. 

3. Serves as support in tough situations

Because they make you firm in your beliefs, moral standards give you the strength to persevere through life challenges. 

People with high moral standards are not easily corrupted or influenced despite their facing difficult conditions. You are also able to properly cope with depression, stress, pressure, and anxiety. 

For example, some challenges can force some people to take the easy way out through a life of crime. However, morally upright people will always seek moral and healthy solutions to their problems. 

In addition, it gives you a strong sense of strength and self while boosting your character. It also enables you to overcome various difficulties through mental will and determination. 

4. Helps distinguish right from wrong

High moral values help you to immediately differentiate right from wrong. Naturally, those who perpetrate crime cannot distinguish between right and wrong and see these vices as the norm. 

People who commit crimes such as stealing, gang violence, or drug abuse most likely did not receive proper guidance on morality from a young age. Hence, they are easily influenced and consider such vices normal. 

5. It builds your character

High moral standards like courage, honesty, compassion, humility, and kindness build a person’s character. 

It forms the very essence of your being and defines how you behave. It also molds you into a respectable person in society. 

Disadvantages of having low moral standards

Low moral standards or lack of moral values leads to destruction and anarchy in society. Because there is no love for justice or tolerance, vices such as theft, corruption, and murder may become rampant. 

A lack of moral standards is a lack of the things that make us humane. It also leads to ignorance and disregard for others. 

Typically, a lack of moral values leads to greed, stealing, vandalism, selfishness, violence, cheating, and disrespect for authority figures and the law. It also causes bullying among peers and a rise in early sexual activity. 

These are just a few negative effects and self-destructive behaviors that have become widespread throughout the world due to low moral standards. Prostitution, illicit drug use, and other such behaviors are also on the rise.

Other disadvantages of low moral standards include various forms of exploitation, terrorism, pollution, casteism, tribalism, world instability, and animosity. 

How do you develop high moral standards?

Developing moral ideals that cut beyond culture, religion, and nation can be done in a number of different ways. If you’re just beginning your search for morality, you can think about reading up on morality in various philosophical works.

However, there are certain actions one can take to acquire sound moral principles:

  • Avoid applying double standards, such as being kind to one person while being unkind to another.
  • Compile a list of moral standards to abide by and place them in a visible location, such as a mirror or your workspace.
  • Consider your options and the justifications for your judgments in the event of an ethical challenge. 
  • Make sure that your activities are in accordance with your beliefs about what is good and wrong.
  • If you’re not flawlessly upholding your moral convictions, don’t worry; what matters most is that you are making an effort.


How do high moral standards affect business? 

Companies can secure a strong reputation and long-term financial benefits by consistently acting ethically. Employees are also more likely to stick with and perform well for a business that has high ethical standards.

What does it mean to have high ethical standards in research?

High ethical standards in research mean reporting research data, procedures, and methods with all honesty. This means that you do not falsify, fabricate or misrepresent the data of your research to produce desired results.

What is the behavior of someone with high moral values?

Virtue is the behavior that demonstrates high moral standards. Virtue is superior moral character. A feature or trait that is regarded as ethically right is called virtue and is viewed as the cornerstone of morality.


High ethical or moral standards help shape the society we live in and reduce the rate of degeneracy. A society with strong moral values will experience fewer incidents of crime or corruption than a morally depraved one. 

Additionally, high morality builds character and makes you desirable in terms of relationships or employment. Employers would readily work with you when you have known moral values than when you have a record of disobedience and delinquency. 

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