Do Online Courses Certificates Matter? [Find Out Here]

Online course certificates are worth it, and they matter in this digital era where the e-learning industry is getting bigger every day.

If you’re into online education, you’ve likely seen many people asking if online course certifications matter. This is one of the most common questions people ask when they’re uncertain if they should buy a training course and get certified.

Well, there are tons of answers and opinions on this. However, whether they matter to you or not will depend on what kind, of course, you are taking and the level you are trying to reach.

In this article, I am going to answer all the questions about online course certificates to shed light on whether they matter or should you invest in them.

What Are Online Courses Certificates?

An online course certificate is an official credential that verifies the identity of the learner and the completion of a particular online course.

The instructor of the course verifies learners who earn a certificate. To earn this badge, learners must achieve an average grade of a particular percentage (70% or 85%) or higher in a given period.

These certificates, also known as “Certificates of Completion,” which are issued to any student who completes a course, serve as proof that the student has completed the course and includes official school branding.

The certificates are printable by you after you complete the course. You can also share those certifications with employers, schools, or other third parties.

Certificates allow you to show your academic achievements to potential employers through digital badges. Each badge includes verified descriptions of your earned achievement, where and when it was issued, and the authority of the issuing institution.

Who Are Online Course Certificates For?

Online Courses Certificates are perfect for those who want to gain or improve knowledge in a particular area or those who just want to learn something new. If you are an expert in a certain field, online course certificates are for you.

Certificates allow you to showcase your ability and knowledge of a given skill. This is especially important if you want to increase your chances of getting a good job.

Certificate Courses are designed to help boost your career by focusing on specific areas of the industry.

Generally, online courses are ideal for learners of all ages to potentially improve their chances of securing the job or career pathway they desire.

Whether your goal is to learn a new skill, advance in your career, or embark on a new hobby, you may want to take an online course.

If there are specific skills that will better prepare you for your dream career, then Online Certificate Courses can take you one step closer to getting there. That said, online course certificates are meant for and beneficial to anyone who can read and write.

What are the Advantages of Online Courses Certificates?

  • Money-saving
  • Time-saving
  • Accreditation is portable
  • Immediacy of Certificates
  • Take a course from anywhere you want
  • Community of students and Instructors
  • Take only subjects you have an interest in (there is no time to waste in classes you don’t enjoy)
  • Courses are self-paced, and you can take them at your convenience

What are the Disadvantages of Online Courses Certificates?

  • It May not offer the same experience as on-site courses
  • It may be less well organized than courses taught in person
  • They do not provide academic credits
  • Some online courses certifications may come with hefty price tags
  • You cannot obtain them from accredited schools and institutions
  • Some online courses certificates are less valuable

Do Every Online Course Awards Certificate?

No, not all online courses give students certificates. While some courses have special certificates (such as business and technology,), most online courses do not.

For online courses with certificates, at the end of every online course, you get to take a short test. If you pass that test with a score of 80 percent or higher, you can get your Official Certificate of Completion.

On online course platforms like Udemy, Kajabi, or Coursera, you can browse for any course you like and filter for only those with certificates by selecting the ‘Award Courses’ menu. In my experience, most paid online courses come with a certificate.

Where Can You Get Online Course Certificates?

Various online course platforms offer online course certificates for your convenience. You can get online course certificates on these platforms to verify and prove you have completed specific online courses.

Interestingly, many institutions offer online courses, such as universities and colleges, or through private companies or individuals.

However, many college and university websites that provide online courses and training do not issue certificates to students. Instead, these websites direct you toward third-party websites that offer certificates.

Therefore, it is important you take your online courses on the right platform. Some of the reliable platforms I can recommend for you include:

Are Online Courses Certificates the Same as Degrees?

Online course certificates and degrees are not the same. An Online Course Certificate is proof of completion of a short-term program that usually focuses on certain skills for a specific industry.

On the other hand, a degree is an academic degree you earn by attending college in a traditional campus setting.

However, some colleges, universities, and other institutions offer some of their programs online. You can take them from anywhere in the world through an Internet-connected computer and be awarded the degree once you pass the final exam.

Certificates of online courses can be used as the entry point for further education or a career change if they are accredited. So, If you are interested in getting a specific skill or career training, you should consider looking into accredited online courses.

In fact, many employers look for a degree when hiring; however, some also accept certifications by enrolling in an online course.

Some universities now offer online courses with the same curriculum as their brick-and-mortar courses and award certificates upon completion of the course.

Can You Get A Job With Online Course Certificate?

Yes, you can get a job with the skills you learn and the certificates you earn.

Although you might not realize it, the skills that you have developed from your online courses can be included in your resume and cover letters to show the skills that you have learned and how they would help benefit the employer.

Online courses certificates are valuable because they help you gain highly sought-after skills, which can help you get a pay rise or promotion at your job.

As well as being well paid, the jobs that require these popular skills are also very stable, as these skills will be around for a long time.

Although a formal degree from an accredited institution may be the most accepted form of learning and credential for employment, many jobs require more specialized skills that universities or colleges may not necessarily offer.

In fact, there are many employers out there who are specifically looking for online certificates nowadays. Earning a certificate shows potential employers that you’re serious about growing your career and dedicated to learning.

Do Universities Recognize Online Courses Certificates?

Yes. Some universities accept online course certificates as credit and an online courses certificate can be used to transfer credits earned into a degree for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for a traditional university.

However, universities do not recognize all online course certificates, but as long as an accredited university or college listed the courses you took, they should be recognized by other institutions. Each school has its own requirements regarding the credit transfer process.

Therefore, if you have an interest in getting admission to a prestigious university, it is likely that completing one or more online certificates can improve your chance of getting into the university.

Can You Add Online Courses Certificates To Your Resume/CV?

Yes, you can (in fact, you should) add any online course or training certification you have to your resume. While many people have mixed feelings about this, adding these certificates to your resume is beneficial when applying for a job.

When you look for career opportunities, one of the first things you submit is your resume. Employers will scan your resume within a few seconds, so it should be able to communicate your skills and work experience effectively.

While professional development courses are not the same as a degree or certificate, you’ll be able to add these courses to your resume and LinkedIn profile, and even gain credits towards a degree with many universities.

In addition to your resume, more and more companies are looking for accreditation to show that you have completed certain training or certifications. And that is precisely where online course certificates come in.

Are Online Courses Certificates Free?

Yes but not all. Free online course certificates are available in a variety of subjects. While you won’t receive credit for the course, you have access to the majority of course materials for free.

So, if you are interested in learning new skills to become more employable, there are plenty of free online courses you can take that will significantly impact your career. You now have the flexibility to learn at your own pace and fit it around your schedule.

However, you must know that, in most cases, free online course certificates are less valuable than the ones you paid for. And if you want an accredited certificate, you must be ready to spend some money.

How Much Do Online Course Certificates Cost?

On Udemy, for example, the cost of online course certification ranges from under $10 to $2,500 depending on the qualification, with a median price of $100.

In general, a number of factors determine the cost of online courses. It will also depend on what type of certificate you are looking for.

Online course certifications include medical training, business training, English proficiency, and general knowledge.


Do employers care about online course certificates?

Yes, online course certificates don’t carry the same weight as actual degrees, but employers do consider them.

Employers also understand the self-motivation it takes to complete online coursework and certification. Therefore, they care about them.

Are LinkedIn Learning certificates worth it?

Yes, they’re worth it.

LinkedIn Learning certificates of completion can make your LinkedIn profile more valuable, help you stand out in job applications, and give you a new sense of achievement.

Conclusion: Is an Online Course Certificate Worth It?

Yes, online courses and certificates are worth the investment. If you’re looking to improve your employability and resume, online courses and certifications could be the thing for you.

While the internet is full of free tutorials and instructions, investing in an online course to get a certificate may be tempting. I know I’m saying this as someone who has taken his fair share of online courses.

Online courses are a great way to continue your education, upgrade your skills, and even explore an entirely new field of study.

Students looking to supplement a degree program or gain skills to help advance their careers often find online courses more flexible than traditional classes.

In reality, it shows how committed you are to your personal and career growth. And this is one of the valuable things employers are looking for in employees.

If you need help acquiring valuable skills and getting the necessary certificates, here are the best online course platforms I recommend you use.

I hope you found this article helpful.

Thanks for reading.