Black American Flag With Red And Blue Stripe

I guess you’ve wondered what it signifies if you’ve seen a black American flag with red and blue stripes.

The black American flag with red stripes honors firefighters or fire service men. While the black American flag with blue stripes honors police officers who put their lives on the line in the course of protecting the nation.

In this article, I will discuss black American flags, what the red and blue colors mean, and other controversies that have been associated with them.

What do colored stripes on the American flag mean?

A thin colored stripe on the American flag is a beautiful way of remembering and supporting officers. Officers have placed their lives on the line for the citizens against anarchy or threat.

Therefore, a stripe on a flag signifies the thin line between the public and crime held at bay by law enforcement officers. I will further outline in this article that different color stripes usually point at different enforcement agencies.

Different stripe colors are used on the American flag

There are eight different colors of stripes used in the American flag to honor various departments. They include;

  • Thin blue line or stripe – Law enforcement officers
  • Thin red line – Firefighter or fire service
  • Thin green line – Military, federal agents, park rangers, wildlife officers, and border patrol
  • Thin yellow or gold line – Dispatchers and tow truck drivers
  • Thin orange line – Search and rescue team and EMT personnel
  • Thin silver line – Corrections officer
  • Thin white line – Emergency medical services
  • Thin purple flag – Security guards, private security personnel, and previous politicians who experienced violence.

What does a black American flag with a blue stripe signify?

blue thin line flag - lmshero

A black American flag with a blue stripe is used to honor police and law enforcement officers. The blue points to the color of their uniform and how its presence separates the nation from civil anarchy.

They are honored for their daily sacrifices and continuous service to the nation. Many also used this flag to remember all the fallen officers that used to put on that uniform.

However, there are different controversies about this color of the stripe on an American flag. For others, the blue stripe on an American flag point at every black citizen that has been brutalized by an officer of the law.

Many believed this flag color was used in the Black Life Matters Campaign. For this reason, there has been criticism thrown at officers seen holding this flag since they feel the officers are being celebrated for violence.

However, officers believe that this color stripe is used to celebrate their fallen officers. For example, Charles Black, an officer who died while responding to a bank robbery in York, Maine, in 2019.

What does a black American flag with a red stripe signify?

red line flag - lmshero

A black American flag with a red stripe is used to honor firefighters for their courage in facing danger. The color red was used because red is usually associated with fire.

However, there have been controversies about this flag that possesses no known evidence.

In addition, many claims that the black American flag with a red stripe signifies or represents other political nods or agendas.

Furthermore, others believe it is irrelevant and that the American flag should not be altered. However, it doesn’t stop others from flying this flag, but not above the American flag.

Where can you buy the red and blue stripe black American flag?

You can purchase these stripe flags from several places. They include;


Where is the black American flag with red and blue stripes displayed?

They can both be displayed either inside or outside the department. However, it is often displayed inside the department to reduce public criticism or conspiracies.

Can a civilian fly the blue and red stripe black American flag?

Yes, you can. However, ensure you do not fly the flag higher than the American flag.

Do firefighters fly the blue strip American flag?

Yes, they do. Fire service departments fly the blue-striped American flag to support their fellow officers further.

Is the thin red flag disrespectful?

No, it is not. It is used to honor and appreciate courageous firefighters in front of a fire.

Conclusion: Black American flag with red and blue stripe

A black American flag with blue and red stripes shows law enforcement and firefighters’ appreciation. Hence, appreciate them for their heroic activities or continuous role in the nation.

For some people, it is used to respect fallen officers. While for some, it is used to raise awareness for the Black Live Matters Campaign.

Although there have been controversies about them, there is no proof of false doctrines or activities.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, if you did, you should also see if American sign language is hard to learn.

Thanks for reading.