Best Tripods For Video: Create Online Course Videos Like A Pro

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to picking the best tripods for video as an online course creator. Is the product good? Do you need it? What tripod should you buy?

In this post, I will walk you through the best tripods for video in the market with specifications on height, ease of setup, maximum load capacity, portability, and compatibility.

Tripods are not just for still photographs obviously, but also for steady video especially if you want to create quality and profitable online courses.

Online course creators use tripods for any kind of tutorial video that requires a stable platform. And it does have a lot to do with the overall quality of your videos.

To further help you make the right choice, I’ll discuss the features, strengths, and weaknesses of each top-rated tripod on this list and also make recommendations.

What Are The Best Tripods For Video?

  • Manfrotto Travel Befree Live
  • Magnus VT-4000 Tripod System
  • Velbon Videomate-638 Video Tripod
  • Vanguard VEO3+263CP
  • Benro A373FBS6Pro
  • Manfrotto Compact Light
  • VILTROX VX-18M Tripod
  • Cayer BV30L Tripod System
  • Neewer Professional 61” Tripod System
  • Benro A673TM Dual Stage
  • Robus RC-5570 Vantage Series 3
  • GEEKOTO 79 inches Carbon Fiber

1. Overall Best Video Tripod For Online Course Creators

Manfrotto Travel Befree Live

What is the best video tripod? The Manfrotto BeFree Live Lever Kit. This innovative and easy to use Kit was designed for flexible, live camera shots with your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera.

Tripod, pivot head, and live lever kit in one single, easy-to-use package. This small and portable kit will fit in almost any backpack or bag.

Easily attach your camera to this quality tripod for improved stability and smooth tilt/panning attributes thanks to the fluid head, which has adjustable drag.

This kit is also available with twist-lock legs if you prefer that style, or if you want to reduce the weight, you can also get it in carbon fiber.

Overall, the Manfrotto fluid head tripod is a clever solution to creating a full-size video tripod from a lightweight, portable aluminum tripod with intelligent technology for quick and easy assembly.

Features of Manfrotto Travel Befree Live

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Extended height: 151cm
  • Folded height: 40cm
  • Weight: 3.86 pounds
  • Leg sections: 3
  • Maximum load capacity: 8.82 pounds


  • Easy and fast to set up
  • It also has a lightweight
  • Great counterbalance action
  • Offer easy link connectors
  • Perfect for interchangeable lens camera or HDSLR


  • It’s a bit pricey
  • Not ideal for small video cameras

2. Best Tripod For Video With Great Panning Actions

Magnus VT-4000 Tripod System

Magnus makes one of the best tripods for photographers and videographers. This VT-4000 Tripod System is fully adjustable and has excellent build quality. It comes with a handy carrying bag, panning grip, and fluid head platform that allows you to shoot daring cinematic moves.

This tripod system is a popular choice among professional online course creators. Even filmmakers use it for live broadcasts, making documentaries, weddings, parties, sports events, concerts, and more.

With a fluid head, a 3-way pan head, and a compact design that easily folds into a padded nylon carrying case, this kit is completely portable and ready for travel. And with its 3-section magnesium alloy legs that independently adjust to uneven surfaces, you’ll be able to attach your camera without worrying about it falling.

Features of Magnus VT-4000 Tripod System

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Minimum Height: 70.1 cm
  • Maximum height: 150 cm
  • Weight: 10.8 Pounds
  • Leg sections: 2/3
  • Maximum load capacity: 8.8 Pounds


  • Has a lightweight
  • Features a 360-degree pan range
  • Provides smooth panning actions
  • You can easily adjust the fluid head
  • Comes with ground spikes


  • Low safety payload weight

3. Velbon Videomate-638 Video Tripod

Velbon Videomate-638 Video Tripod

The Velbon Videomate-638 Video Tripod is a lightweight, versatile tripod for all your online course video needs. Only 3.47kg, this tripod weighs less than most DSLRs, making it easy to carry around with you so you can shoot anywhere.

This tripod features a quick action lever that allows you to extend the monopod legs without having to release any locks. It also features quick action leg angle adjustment. So by simply loosening it and pushing the leg forward or back, you can angle the video head up or down.

There are separate locks for the pan and tilt and the damping can be adjusted, but the knobs are a bit difficult to operate. Although the tripod is a budget product, it has surprisingly smooth and well-damped movement.

Features of Velbon Videomate-638 Video Tripod

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Extended height: 162.5cm
  • Folded height: 57cm
  • Weight: 7.65 pounds
  • Leg sections: 3
  • Maximum load capacity: 13.22 pounds


  • Great pan and tilt 
  • Excellent entry-level video tripod
  • Adjustable damping
  • Good for a mirrorless camera, lens, and mic


  • Lack counterbalance adjustment
  • Knobs are not easy to operate

4. Best Tripod For Shooting Video From a High Angle

Vanguard VEO3+263CP

Vanguard VEO3+263CP Tripod is one of my top picks for the best tripods for video for those looking to create quality online course videos. And it’s perfect for people who want a tripod that can hold and operate a DSLR or mirrorless camera and lens. 

A sturdy and flexible tripod, the Vanguard VEO 263CP is a pro-quality versatile video and stills tripod with a quick flip leg system for high and low-angle filming.

The 263CP features a fluid video head and pan and tilt controls for adjusting image composition. With adjustable leg angles and rubber feet and retractable spikes for a sure grip, the VEO263CP has plenty of versatility.

This tripod has a load capacity of 13.2 pounds and it’s perfect for outdoor videography. It offers great features like a quick-release plate, adjustable drag controls, rubber feet, and legs, and it only weighs 5.07 pounds.

Features of Vanguard VEO3+263CP

  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Extended height: 173.5cm
  • Folded height: 77.5cm
  • Weight: 5.07 pounds
  • Leg sections: 3
  • Maximum load capacity: 13.22 pounds


  • Has a lightweight
  • Better rigidity with the 3-section legs
  • The versatile multi-angle center column
  • Come with PH-38 pan head


  • Not so portable when packed

5. Benro A373FBS6Pro

Benro A373FBS6Pro

Featuring an aluminum single-tube tripod, a 75mm half bowl, and the newest S6Pro head, Benro’s A373FBS6Pro is one of the best tripods for a video you can count on always.

An impressive feature of the tripod’s head is its five-step counterbalance system, which prevents tipping forwards or backward, as well as its easy-to-use knobs for panning and tilting.

This head makes it easier to pull off smooth pans and tilts, while also giving you the option to continuously level the head so you can focus on other variables such as aperture and shutter speed. The included screw clamp with the sliding collar can be used to support camera accessories, macro lighting, reflectors, filters, and more.

Features of Benro A373FBS6Pro

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Maximum height: 163cm
  • Minimum height: 40.9cm
  • Weight: 4.25kg
  • Leg sections: 3
  • Maximum load capacity: 13.22 pounds


  • Feature counterbalance adjustment
  • You can also adjust the pan and tilt drag
  • Modern design video tripod
  • Can go as low as 31cm
  • Long camera plate for easy adjustment


  • It’s a bit expensive

6. Best Video Tripod For Video With the Lightest Weight

Manfrotto Compact Light

The Manfrotto Compact Light, designed for online course creators on the go, is the perfect solution to capture video with style. With its prime rotating capabilities, you will never miss a shot while moving around.

The tripod is easy to open and close for quick setups and takedowns, without the need to disassemble it. This tripod is designed with all the same high-quality features of larger video tripods, but also comes with a smaller size and weight for mobility. It extends to 51.57 Inches and supports up to 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) of equipment weight.

A fluid head with an integrated tripod feature is just what you need if you’re into any kind of video-making in the field. Select your setup, adjust your shot with the fluid head & tripod, then lock it into place.

It’s really hard to hold a camera in place in extreme situations without giving up on an in-focus shot.

Manfrotto has the answer to your problem with this compact lightweight tripod that gives you smooth panning capabilities when out for an adventure or when trying to explore a new hobby.

Features of Manfrotto Compact Light

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Extended height: 130.9cm
  • Folded height: 39cm
  • Weight: 0.73 pounds
  • Leg sections: 4
  • Maximum load capacity: 5.5 pounds


  • Feather-light weight
  • Feature single adjustment knob
  • 360 Degree plate type
  • Quick and easy camera connection
  • Extremely compact


  • Low safety payload weight

7. Best Video Tripod For Documentary Videos


Designed for rugged environments, the VILTROX VX-18M tripod system offers you flexibility and reliability at an affordable price. This tripod has been designed for heavyweight cameras and hefty lenses that other tripods cannot handle.

This VILTROX VX-18M tripod is foldable for easy storage and features a rubber grip handle to provide comfortable support. It can support up to 22 pounds with all-metal leg locks and a ball head that adjusts to capture angles with greater intensity.

The legs also feature shock reduction functions to help your camera stay steady, no matter what terrain you decide to explore. Its legs have a quick-release plate that lets you quickly switch your camera from shoot mode to protection mode while shooting video.

Features of VILTROX VX-18M Tripod

  • Material: Metal, Rubber
  • Extended height: 98.81cm
  • Folded height: 19.3cm
  • Weight: 8.71 pounds
  • Leg sections: 3
  • Maximum load capacity: 22 pounds


  • 360-degree panoramic mounting feature
  • Durable and stable legs
  • High safety payload weight capacity
  • Feature mid-level spreader
  • Perfect for rugged terrains


  • Not so good panning and tilting action

8. Cayer BV30L Tripod System

Cayer BV30L Tripod System

Looking for the best tripods for video as an online course creator? Perfect for use with DSLR cameras, Cayer BV30L Tripod System comes with everything you need to get started capturing your next great online course video. With its fluid tilt head, you can smoothly pan and tilt your camera, while its padded bag makes transporting easy.

This three-leg non-centering system holds over 13 Pounds without any issue and can be set up or taken down in a few seconds.

Handles are designed to fold down, making it easy to take with you on the go or stow away when not in use. The included quick-release plate makes changing out cameras fast and simple.

A high load capacity, quick setup, portability, and an incredibly low price justify this tripod’s place on any videographer’s wish list. The next time you find yourself in staging that needs to be taken down in a rush, the Cayer BV30L tripod system is the answer to keeping yourself prepared.

Features of Cayer BV30L Tripod System

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Extended height: 184.7 cm
  • Folded height: 88.9 cm
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Leg sections: 3
  • Maximum load capacity: 13.2 pounds


  • High maximum height
  • Provides fluid +90° to -70° tilting
  • Stable legs and mid-level spreader 
  • 360° panning mechanisms


  • Basic panning and tilting system

9. Best Travel Video Tripod For Online Course Creators

Neewer Professional 61” Tripod System

If you’re looking for a strong, flexible, and lightweight tabletop tripod, look no further than Neewer Professional 61” Tripod System. The tabletop tripod system is made of high-density aluminum alloy, which is not heavy or bulky for a windy day.

It also includes a height-adjustable tripod tilting head with a quick-release plate and a ¼” screw mount to hold any camera security. By using the tabletop tripod system, you don’t have to worry about expensive tripods that keep breaking or cheap tripods that keep falling.

The fluid head camera mount was designed to ensure smooth panoramas, while the included counterweight keeps the camera balanced on the gimbal for perfect shots. The entire kit can be set up in minutes.

Features of Neewer Professional 61” Tripod System

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Extended height: 155 cm
  • Folded height: 71 cm
  • Weight: 8.4 pounds
  • Leg sections: 3
  • Maximum load capacity: 13.2 pounds


  • Cost-effective video tripod
  • Built-in bubble level indicator
  • Features a 360° panning system
  • Has sturdy legs and a mid-level spreader
  • High payload capacity
  • Features a versatile head
  • +90°/-70° tilt angles


  • The panning system could be improved

10. Best Tripod For Video, Perfect For Beginners

Benro A673TM Dual Stage

For amateur or semi-professional online course creators, there are a lot of tripods to choose from. Trying to figure out which tripod is best for you can be a bit overwhelming. I believe a good value tripod for a beginner is the Benro A673TM.

This tripod by Benro is an awesome photography tripod designed for portability and mobility. It has an adjustable center column that allows you, the photographer, to shoot at various angles.

It also has multiple mounting options so you can mount your digital camera, power grip, or DSLR. This awesome tripod also has a bowl design which makes it firm.

You’ll appreciate that you can go from fully upright to nearly horizontal with just a twist of the wrist; it makes composing shots, whether handheld or on a monopod, very easy.

Features of Benro A673TM Dual Stage

  • Material: Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Rubber
  • Extended height: 190.5 cm
  • Folded height: 10 cm
  • Weight: 19.45 pounds
  • Leg sections: 3
  • Maximum load capacity: 17.6 pounds


  • 8-step counterbalance
  • Illuminated bubble level
  • Features quick-release plate
  • Rubber and dual spiked feet
  • Built for a range of video cameras and accessories


  • The panning and titling system could be improved

11. Best Tripod For Video With the Highest Payload Capacity

Robus RC-5570 Vantage Series

When you only want the best gear for your video, look no further than the Robus RC-5570 Vantage Series. The best features you’d expect from a tripod have been packed into this amazing and compact unit.

Whether you take videos or still pictures, there is no better tripod available that provides such high quality. If you’re looking for a large unit that will give you stability and smoothness for your camera, look no further than the masterful Robus RC-5570.

With increased lightness and flexibility, you’ll find yourself naturally raising and lowering this tripod to capture the perfect shot. Designed for various styles and weights of camera equipment, it’s hard to believe how small and compact this tripod is.

It’s made with carbon fiber for increased rigidity and features four sections that allow the legs to be split apart to form wider configurations than normal tripods. With a load capacity of 55 lb / 24.95 kg, you can bring some stability to your videos.

Features of Robus RC-5570 Vantage Series

  • Material: Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Rubber
  • Extended height: 178.05 cm
  • Folded height: 10 cm
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds
  • Leg sections: 4
  • Maximum load capacity: 55 pounds


  • High payload capacity
  • Stable leg tube diameters
  • Comes with ground spikes
  • Strong and rugged video tripod
  • Lightweight and flexible


  • A bit expensive

12. Best Travel Tripod With Monopod

GEEKOTO 79 inches Carbon Fiber

If you’re looking for a great tripod for your camera, the GEEKOTO series tripod is worth checking out. It is popular due to its quality, robustness, and features.

Why not have a little more height? This amazing adjustable tripod will boost you up the extra height needed to shoot stunning photographs and videos.

The Geekoto is a perfect pick for outdoor photography, video, live streaming, nature filming, sports events, and more. Professional travelers vacationers and cinematographers love this tripod because of its Versatile features and its lightweight, compact design.

It weighs just 5.5 lbs., can extend to 79 inches high, and supports up to 52 lbs. The tripod features three leg sections that are built with anti-slip rubber rings for added stability.

Features of GEEKOTO 79 inches Carbon Fiber

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Extended height: 198.12 cm
  • Folded height: 61.98 cm
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Leg sections: 4
  • Maximum load capacity: 26.5 pounds


  • Has a carrying bag for easy transport
  • Comes with a 1/4-inch quick-release plate
  • Ideal for panoramic shots
  • It is durable and lightweight


  • Lack spiked legs

What is the Best Budget Tripod For Video?

Manfrotto Compact Light is the best budget tripod video for shooting professional online course videos. It’s a quality, reliable tripod at a fantastic price ($64.88). It’s one of the entry-level tripods that features ¼” quick-release plates, bubble levels, and an improved foot design.

What is the Best Video Tripod For Online Course Videos?

Manfrotto Travel Befree Live is the most premium and best tripod for online course videos on the market. It combines all of the qualities needed for professional live streaming or live video production with an integrated fluid head.

It can also be used on the ground, on smooth (or wood) tabletops, and can even be used during walking shots such as when following someone walking down the street, walking through a museum, etc.

Which of the Video Tripods Has the Best Fluid Head?

Manfrotto Travel Befree Live combines lightness and portability with the best of two worlds: high-end video head ergonomics and interface. Manfrotto Travel Befree Live is a quality video tripod with the best fluid head.

The fluid movement needed for creamy video shots is enhanced by the ability to set tilt drag control, therefore creating an effortless video motion that will inspire you to take your camera everywhere you go.

Best Tripods For Video: FAQs

What is the Best Tripod For Heavy Lenses?

As one of the best tripods for video, Benro A673TM Dual Stage is the best tripod for heavy lenses. This tripod features a durable body and legs made from carbon fiber and aluminum.

The quick-release mount allows you to easily take the camera on and off to ensure fast shots, and the tripod legs fold down for easy transport and storage.

Which tripod is best for making YouTube videos?

For Vloggers, Manfrotto Compact Light is the best video tripod for making YouTube videos, allowing you to record with ease. It has a high-quality magnesium alloy construction, is lightweight, and is sturdy.

Best Tripods For Video: Conclusion

Overall, the best tripod for video for your online course video needs is Manfrotto Travel Befree Live. The secret is not just in its lightweight design, but in the clever features that make it easy to use and carry.

A compact tripod designed to be carried in a hand or sling bag, it was designed for quick setup and maximum versatility when shooting anytime and anywhere.

However, if you’re on a tight budget and don’t need something too sophisticated, I will recommend you go for Manfrotto Compact Light. It’s a quality, reliable tripod you can use to shoot professional-quality videos of any occasion.

Finally, if you’re also in need of a quality and reliable camera for quality online course videos, here are the best cameras you should consider. With the cameras on the list, you can never go wrong.

Need help creating your first online course? Here are the best sources to get help creating online courses and you also read my post on how to create and sell profitable online courses.

I hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for reading.

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