Best Lights For Video Production: Top Picks For Course Creators

Finding the right light for your online course video can be daunting, with so many choices on the market. In this article, I’m going to go through the best lights for video production.

The right lighting can evoke a feeling or mood. Most importantly, it can increase the readability of your video content.

Cheesy lighting can ruin even the best videography and can put your brand in an unflattering light (pun intended). That’s why it’s important to ensure that you have the right lights for your video production.

Whether you’re looking to make videos for a specific online course or trying to get more views on your videos overall – the quality of light in your videos can make all the difference.

So, here are the best lights for video production that I recommend:

  • Rotolight NEO II
  • Lume Cube
  • Profoto C1 Plus
  • Aputure Light Storm C120D II LED Light
  • Pixel G1s RGB Video Light
  • Westcott Ice Light 2
  • Godox CL10
  • VILTROX 2-Packs VL-200T
  • Rotolight AEOS
  • GVM RGB LED Video Lighting Kit
  • Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 LED Light
  • IVISII LED Video Light Kit

1. Overall Best Light For Video Production

Rotolight NEO II

For online video creators and independent filmmakers, there are so many lights to choose from, it can be hard to decide which is best for your particular needs. One of the best lights for video production is the Rotolight NEO 11.

Featuring a 1032-lumen output and the ability to dim down to 90 lumens – Rotolight NEO II produces even lighting with a soft fall-off, ideal for creating cinematic-looking footage in any environment.

Creating videos for the internet, whether it be online course videos, Vlogging, or product tutorials, you need good quality lighting. The better and more sustainable your lighting is, the better your video will turn out.

The Rotolight NEO II is a portable and easy-to-use continuous light that features a daylight/tungsten CRI, weighing in at only 354g. Add this to your tool chest today and start making better-looking online course videos with ease.

Features of Rotolight NEO II

  • Color temperature: 3150-6300K
  • Output (0.9m): 2000 Lux, 1032 Lumen
  • Power: 6x AA batteries/power adaptor, L-type li-ion, AC mains
  • Dimensions: 27.8×21.5×11.1cm
  • Weight: 354g


  • Remote control via Bluetooth
  • Excellent battery life
  • Great temperature range


  • The cable can be difficult to connect sometimes

2. Best Cuboid LED Light For Video Production

Lume Cube

The Lume Cube is a portable quality lighting kit and the camera mount that fits any camera (not just GoPros) and is small enough to fit in your pocket. It captures high-quality sphere-lens imagery that is otherwise impossible with even the latest GoPro cameras.

It is pocket-sized and USB rechargeable, so you can have high-quality illumination on demand anywhere you go. Lume Cube works with any camera with a standard hot shoe mount and also has a built-in microphone for audio.

If you want to take your videos and photos to the next level, or if you use GoPro to create content for an online course, then the Lume Cube can help you do just that.

Whether you’re shooting photos at twilight or filming a video late at night, this multicolor LED light gives you better video, richer color, and greater control at a fraction of the cost of other LED video lights.

Features of Lume Cube

  • Color temperature: 5600K
  • Lux (at 1m): 750
  • Power source: Lithium-ion battery
  • Dimensions: 41 x 41 x 43 cm
  • Weight: 99g


  • Portable, lightweight yet powerful
  • Impressive battery life
  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity


  • Waterproofing has been scaled back a little

3. Best Light For Smartphone Shooters

Profoto C1 Plus

Looking for lights that deliver the most bang for your buck? The Profoto C1 Plus gives you all of the power of the original Profoto C1, but with a smaller price tag. This one of the best lights for video production is used by a lot of the top online course creators and bloggers.

It’s super bright and great for cool-down lighting and beauty effects. The unique thing about these is that they have RF receivers built into them. The swivel head is great for getting a lot of variation from the light and what you point it at.

Not everyone shoots video with a DSLR, and with recent technological advancements, an increasing number of vloggers are opting to record film using their cell phones. Why not, when they’re capable of capturing stunning 4K footage?

The C1 Plus from Profoto is the ideal LED for this demographic, as it can be used for both still photography and video.

Given the C1 Plus’s small size, a built-in rechargeable Li-Polymer battery allows the item to provide nearly 40 minutes of continuous illumination at maximum power. This also implies that it may flash over 2000 times on a single battery.

Features of Profoto C1 Plus

  • Color temperature: 3000-6500K
  • Output: 1700 LUX (1m)
  • Power: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Dimensions: 79x38x64 mm
  • Weight: 208g (with dome)


  • Small and portable, ideal for smartphones
  • It provides fill-in light
  • You can also attach a lot of accessories


  • Not suitable for lighting larger scenes

4. Best UltraBright LED Light For Video Production

Aputure Light Storm C120D II LED Light

Shoot brighter, clearer, and more color-accurate photos and videos. Aputure’s Light Storm C120D II LED Video Light does the job–and it does so for a fraction of what you’d pay for competing lights.

Representing one of the latest advances in portable lighting technology, the Light Storm combines more than 5,000 lumens with Aputure’s innovative SCS color system (Selectable Color System) to deliver lightning-fast tints that can be adjusted precisely on the fly with Aputure’s optional wireless remote.

If you are looking for a professional light that is ideal for an online show, then this is for you. Not only does it bring brightness to your sets regardless of whether you’re a hobbyist or professional in the video business, but this powerful light also has an unbeatable price.

Its intelligent auto-sensing remote controller is another one of its star features, allowing multi-channel control over multiple Aputure lights with a single swipe.

Features of Aputure Light Storm C120D II LED Light

  • Color temperature: 5500K
  • Output (2m): 7000 LUX
  • Power: V-mount li-ion battery/ AC mains
  • Dimensions: 300x193x124mm
  • Weight: 2,200g


  • Comes with popular Bowens S mount fittings
  • Designed for everyday professional use
  • The power output is impressive


  • A bit expensive

5. Best RGB LED Video Light

Pixel G1s RGB Video Light

Nowadays, one of the most critical parts of doing video is making sure your setup is well-lit, especially when it comes to shooting interviews.

Lighting is such a big deal. If you want to know how to lighten your videos properly, I recommend that you try out Pixel G1s RGB Video Light.

This light is designed to be used with your DSLR camera, smartphone, or tablet. It’s a great way to shoot your online course videos in a well-lit manner.

This compact light will brighten up your shots while adding depth and contrast to the footage. Ideal for video bloggers, online course creators, photographers, filmmakers, and more—it is lightweight, portable, and produces high-quality images every time.

It is perfect who are looking for a sleek design to ensure portability, with maximum brightness for professional-quality shots. The included light stand is easy to set up and works as a dual-lock daylight-fill light.

Features of Pixel G1s RGB Video Light

  • Color temperature: 2500K-8500K
  • Output (0.5m): 1500 LUX
  • Power: Built-in 7.4V 3200mAh rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions: 300x193x124mm
  • Weight: 2,200g


  • Great battery life
  • The color temperature range is wide
  • The light intensity can be adjusted
  • It is lightweight


  • The number of options could be confusing for beginners

6. Best Color Spectrum LED Light For Video Production

Westcott Ice Light 2

Whether you’re shooting in a studio, outdoors, or in a cold environment, this high-quality light is an ideal choice for online video producers who want to give their subjects a little extra shine while still adding to the scene.

You can use it on its own as a portable ice light, or pair it with a softbox to transform it into a traditional studio spotlight. And since it’s lightweight and easy to carry, you’ll be able to set it up and tear it down quickly when shooting on location.

Since the Ice Light 2 is powered by a removable lithium-ion battery that can be recharged inside or outside the light, a spare battery can be kept inside the bag in case power runs out. At full power, the Ice Light 2 runs for about an hour.

A snap-on gel filter produces Tungsten-style warming with a temperature of 3200K, and if you want to use your own colored gels, Westcott supplies a variety of specific clips to hold the gel in place.

Features of Westcott Ice Light 2

  • Color temperature: 5500K
  • Output: 522 LUX (1m)
  • Power: Swappable li-ion battery, detachable charger
  • Dimensions: 549x43x43mm
  • Weight: 600g


  • Swappable batteries
  • Comes with a versatile clip system to attach gels
  • Ergonomic design


  • It is pricey

7. Best LED Accent Light Designed for Streamers

Godox CL10

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The Godox CL10 is a high-power LED light that allows you to create amazing video content under low or harsh lighting conditions. It will work for you day and night with a built-in portable battery that can provide 2 hours of continuous rechargeable power.

The light has two knobs that allow you to change the color temperature (5500K to 3200K) and brightness level of the light. It also has three light modifiers: one round diffuser, one fish-eye diffuser, and one removable anti-glare hood.

The right lighting will help you focus on the task at hand, stay sharp, and get your work done. With these lights, you’ll see what you’re doing in detail. If you are into online video production, you will love this powerful light that allows you to be more creative in your work.

Features of Godox CL10

  • Color temperature: 3000-5600K
  • Output: 1100 LUX (1m)
  • Power: USB
  • Dimensions: 192x192x65mm
  • Weight: 270g


  • Colors can be easily adjusted
  • It is quite affordable
  • Excellent cooling design
  • Remote control


  • Has a low power output
  • No battery

8. Best Lightweight LED Light For Video Production

VILTROX 2-Packs VL-200T

For many Handycams or other small video cameras, the kit light will be too big and bulky for hard-surface shooting. The VL200T LED is a good alternative. By using two units, one on either side of the video camera, light quality and intensity can be considerably improved over just one unit.

The VL200T has an integrated 200mm reflector with a standard mounting hole which makes it easily attachable to any camera with a standard mounting hole (this size of the hole is common in many monitors and cameras).

VILTROX 2-Packs VL-200T is designed to offer you the best lights for video production, suitable for DSLR, camcorder, and camera providing bright light, with 6400K color temperature to achieve more accurate and professional video shooting.

Features of VILTROX 2-Packs VL-200T

  • Color temperature: 3300-5600K
  • Output: 2450Lux (0.5m)
  • Power: USB
  • Dimensions: 260*200*22mm
  • Weight: 0.56Kg


  • Dual power supply
  • Wireless remote control
  • It is compact and easy to use
  • Comes with a stable tripod stand


  • Light is dim on the highest level

9. Best Heavy-duty Handheld Light

Rotolight AEOS

If you are looking to shoot great-looking videos in tight places, or that can be used on YouTube and various other forms of online distribution, look no further than the Rotolight AEOS.

Rotolight AEOS makes recording and shooting a breeze. Bring along this powerful light with its battery indicators on the back, plus an extra 45° barn doors kit to quickly change from a spotlight to a broader source, easily lighting up your subject. And what’s more, AEOS features a super-fast recharge time.

With finely calibrated color temperature and intensity modes to automatically enhance your video footage with eye-catching results in seconds or an independent dimmer control knob to tweak the brightness while you’re recording, it’ll make what was once considered impossible possible.

Features of Rotolight AEOS

  • Color temperature: 3150-6300K
  • Max power: 5750 lux at 3 feet
  • Power source: mains, optional V-mount battery
  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 29.5 x 2cm
  • Weight: 1.4kg


  • Super-soft light quality
  • Quite portable and lightweight
  • Comes with extra features and filters


  • A bit expensive

10. Best Video Production Light For Pro Use

GVM RGB LED Video Lighting Kit

Though it was designed with online content creators in mind, this extravagant kit can pretty much be used to light almost any space creatively. It provides various color temperatures and RGB lighting modes, giving you the power to customize your set.

GVM brings you everything you need to capture amazing content in the right color condition, including five LED light panels, a 21-inch tripod, and two light stands. With this light, you’ll be on a one-way street to better-quality videos and photos every time.

Each of the 8 kinds of scene lights can be adjusted freely to ensure your images stay clear and vivid. Plus, the nine-piece set is designed to cover almost every lighting scenario you need.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional photographer, videographer, live streamer, or content creator – get your message across the best way possible with this professional video lighting kit. The bulbs have been specifically designed to illuminate even the smallest details and allow you to adjust them.

Features of GVM RGB LED Video Lighting Kit

  • Color temperature: 3200-5600K
  • Max power: 5750 lux at 3 feet
  • Power source: AC adapter and Sony F750/970 battery
  • Dimensions: 10.2*10.4*1.9 inch
  • Weight: 1KG


  • Quality and lightweight light
  • Excellent battery life
  • App intelligent control system
  • It consists of 168 LED Beads and 84 RGB beads


  • Colors are limited without the app

11. Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 LED Light

The Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 LED Light provides a warm light to illuminate your subjects without casting shadows or adding harsh highlights. Developed for top online content creators, Its high-quality design, durability, and quick setup make it ideal for those looking to create great videos.

With an advanced triple LED system, flexible adjustment arm, and attractive backlight stand you can position this light exactly where you need it–right where the action unfolds.

The Lumimuse 8 has the advantage of being portable, so online course producers who want to travel light and shoot with a run-and-gun approach will be able to make use of it.

At just 160g, the light won’t weigh you down on long shoots, and it comes with a built-in, rechargeable lithium battery.

In this way, if you’re out on a shoot and your battery runs low, you can simply plug in a power bank and recharge between takes. Not only does this light have great features but it looks cool too.

Features of Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 LED Light

  • Color temperature: 5600K
  • Output: 550 LUX (1m)
  • Power: Rechargeable L-type Li-ion (included)
  • Dimensions: 28x59x86mm
  • Weight: 160g


  • Bluetooth for remote control
  • Compact and easy to move around with
  • Comes with additional creative filters


  • Offers a limited output for outdoor use

12. Best Light For Video Production With LCD Display

IVISII LED Video Light Kit

The IVISII LED Video Light features an adjustable beam angle, and a removable, rechargeable Li-ion battery, and can be charged with or without the AC adapter.

With 4 lighting modes and 2 color temperatures, you have all the tools you need for precise lighting control for shooting video indoors.

If you are tired of struggling to get a good video light to help you out, this might be the best video light that you can take home with your money’s worth. Whether you’re a fitness instructor, an online educator, or a vlogger, this video light will help you record better-looking videos.

The light’s wide beam angle and brightness make it ideal for main and fill lights, while its zoom feature enables you to adjust the distance and intensity of the light. The lights are also dimmable and produce no noise when working.

Set it up as a backlight and watch your videos come alive as never before. With different light options, an adjustable hinge, and a flexible design, this light is the next great thing for videographers.

Features of IVISII LED Video Light Kit

  • Color temperature: 3000-8000K
  • Max power: 3600Lux, 0.5m, 1150Lux, 1m
  • Power source: Lithium batteries and USB
  • Dimensions: 13.9 × 9.6 × 0.86 inch
  • Weight: 2.23 pounds


  • It is durable and lightweight
  • Remote control and multi lights control
  • An adjustable desk mount light
  • Offers 180° rotation


  • No carrying case or bag

What is The Best Lighting For Video Recording?

If you’re looking for the best lighting equipment for recording your video, check out the Rotolight NEO II.

With this incredibly powerful and versatile LED lighting unit, you will have everything you need to produce multimedia masterpieces that are sure to impress. This amazing light is a must-have for anyone looking to make videos of professional quality.

What Are The Major Types of Lights Used in Video Production?

There are 3 main types of video lights: key light, fill light, and backlight.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, so understanding your needs beforehand is a must before you decide which one to use for your shoot.

Why Are LEDs A Good Investment?

  • LEDs last longer and don’t need replacement so often
  • They work better in extreme cold and heat
  • They use less power
  • You don’t have to worry about them breaking as much

Best Lights For Video Production: FAQs

Why do you need the best light for video production for your online course videos?

Videos are an affordable way to make your online course more interactive for students. They are also a great tool for showing off the benefits of your product or service. So if you’re using video to increase your conversion rates, and improve retention, then you need the best lights for video production.

When you’re creating online content and live streams, lighting can make or break your video. Too much light will wash out your images. Not enough light can cause unflattering shadows.

What are the special features to look out for when you’re buying lights for video production?

  • Lighting white balance
  • Color temperature
  • Directionality control
  • Dimming and focusing control
  • Low-light performance
  • Battery life and recharge time
  • Durability and harsh weather durability

What size light should I use?

The bigger the light source, the softer and wider the shadow of the object you are lighting. You want to choose a light that matches the size of what you are trying to light. These lights can run off of AC power plug-ins or battery-operated.

Best Lights For Video Production: Conclusion

Overall, Rotolight NEO II is the best light for video production. This light is easy to use and gives you the lighting you need for your online course video projects. Video production lights can take up a lot of space and yet be difficult to maneuver.

Maybe you’d like something less expensive and yet still give you professional results. Well, Rotolight NEO II is more than that. It will give you the results you want and need in a short period of time.

Finally, for quality and professional online course videos, you need a quality camera. So, to help you make the right choice, I have made a list of the best cameras for quality videos and photographs.

In addition, to have a complete video production kit, you need a quality, durable and affordable tripod for video. Here are the best tripods for video that I recommend you check out.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thank you for reading.

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