Advantages of Whiteboard Animation Videos: The Power of Explainer Videos for Classrooms And Businesses 

You’ve probably heard about the advantages of using whiteboard animation videos in businesses ad classrooms, if you haven’t then I highly recommend reading this article.

Whiteboard animation videos explain topics in a fun, engaging way. They not only teach something, but they also entertain. 

What I love about the medium is how something so simple can be used to explain complicated subjects.

Whiteboard animation is a great tool for making lessons more accessible and memorable. They could be understood even by those who do not have specialized knowledge about the subject matter.

Whiteboard animation videos are popular these days as instructional videos. 

Nonetheless, many newbies have doubts about it, and even those who do not know how to use it may wonder if it will be effective in their learning process.

In this article, I will discuss some of the advantages of whiteboard animation videos, so you can decide if this is the right option for you.

1. Create Valuable Training, and Corporate Videos

There is no doubt about the fact that whiteboard animation video helps in creating some of the most valuable training, marketing, and corporate videos.

Using whiteboard animation videos, which are short and sweet, you can convey any message and information directly to your target audience.

If you are trying to reach out to students, employees, or clients, whiteboard animation videos are an excellent way to do it. They are the perfect medium of learning since they use visual elements and audio like narration, music, and sound effects.

Furthermore, these videos are used in the corporate sector to explain their business ideas, and financial reports, and train the staff. Whiteboard animation videos can also be used to explain a new product or service to existing customers in a good manner. 

2. Videos Boost Knowledge Retention

Whiteboard animation videos can be used in a multitude of ways. Whether you want to teach, engage, or inspire your customers, whiteboard animation is the ideal tool for you.

Whiteboard animation videos are a great tool for educational purposes. Unlike content that is presented in other forms, whiteboard animation videos are more likely to be remembered by the viewer. 

Research into multimedia learning shows that people tend to learn more from text that is combined with videos and animations. When students look at a chalkboard or handwritten illustrations, they can convey what the teacher is saying. Whiteboard animation videos are effective methods of teaching because of this phenomenon.

A whiteboard animation video supports up to 20-50% retention of knowledge, depending on the subject matter and the delivery method.

3. Improve Understanding of Complex Concepts

Whiteboard animation videos help students to grasp complex concepts and improve their academic performance. This technology has been used in the field of education for over a decade. 

One of the advantages of whiteboard animation videos is that they simplify complex concepts and make learning. It is a great way to teach things that are hard to understand or explain by linking them together in the video.

In particular, whiteboard animation videos have a greater impact on kids who are visual learners. Such learners understand concepts better when they see them than when they hear them.

4. Deliver More Information for Faster Conversions

Whiteboard animation videos work as an online teacher to help teach your audience faster and assimilate in a better way. When it is combined with a perfect voice-over and music, the information on your video will stick with your viewer for a long time. 

Whiteboard videos will help to deliver more information in less time as compared to common animated explainer videos.

You can use physical objects or characters to create a story and show how different things work by using a marker. This makes the whiteboard animation video easier for your audience to understand

This will lead to the next advantage; faster conversion. It also improves sales because such videos improve your business reputation by making you look credible and dependable to customers.

5. It is Easy to Customize Whiteboard Videos

Among the best advantages of whiteboard animation videos is that they can be modified and customized as per your needs. If you think that you need to include or remove any content, then it is easy to do. 

Because in this type of video, each element is created separately, changing one component doesn’t affect others. It means the creator can remake anything without re-creating the entire storyboard. This is one of the main reasons why it is in such high demand these days.

Using a whiteboard animation video is great, especially if you want to personalize the message that you want to send to your viewers.

The whiteboard animation software makes it possible for you to change any detail that is in your video, and make sure that it suits you well.

6. Engage your Audience In a New Way

Whiteboard animation videos allow you to start with a blank canvas and tell a story through a combination of images, animation, music, and voiceover.

A well-written video can be engaging and visually appealing, capturing the attention of your viewer and keeping it for the full duration. 

Whiteboard animation videos are a fun way to engage your audience and make your content engaging. Show it to your students, colleagues, or anyone else who is interested in engaging with your product. 

Besides, there are many benefits to using whiteboard animation to help you explain things. It is a great new way to engage viewers and have them better understand what you can offer.

When you engage your readers in a new way, you offer them fresh content. It can also be used in many different ways such as education or for entertainment purposes.

7. Educate Students Especially in K-12 

The advantages of whiteboard animation videos are many and these help in a series of ways. In K-12, students learn by writing, reading, and drawing. So when it comes to teaching them in the same manner as they learn, whiteboard animation videos are the perfect medium. 

With these types of videos, students can imagine themselves sitting in front of a teacher while learning new concepts.

Whiteboard animation videos are an innovative strategy to attract students’ and teachers’ attention through a visual learning approach. 

Using this type of animation; you can easily engage the students in fun activities that would help them retain the information better. Whiteboard animation videos are known to be one of the most effective tools for educating children, especially in schools. 

8. Archive Files for Future Reference, Storage, and Retrieval

Education systems, organizations, and corporate bodies need to archive their whiteboard animation videos for future reference, storage, and retrieval. This is because education is a vital field that involves continuous learning and information transfer.

Whiteboard animation videos help archive files for future reference, storage, and retrieval.

Like your existing print content, animation videos can be stored on a server, and certain individuals can have access to those videos. This is great for sharing confidential information that should not be seen by everybody in your company or by viewers online. 

Once a whiteboard animation video is recorded and uploaded to a computer, then it can be quickly accessed whenever a person needs to find information. These whiteboard animation videos can last for many years and will not get damaged or old as physical files do.

9. Animation Videos are Effective Ongoing Tools

Since whiteboard animation videos can be viewed over and over again, they are a fantastic tool to use in teaching and marketing. Students can continuously view the videos and teachers can use them as part of classroom presentations. 

Whiteboard animation videos are ongoing tools that you can use to showcase your products and services.

You can also provide a visual path for learning or for your student’s education, or even just to spread awareness on any issues that concern the public. They help in enhancing the impact of audio and visual information on more people.

Thus, one of the most important advantages of whiteboard animation videos isn’t even directly for the students but for the teachers. They are not tools that can only be used once and forgotten about.

Rather, they are flexible, reusable learning tools that will continue to assist students in school, and when they take their exams or begin their careers.

10. For Businesses, It Gives Access to International Customers

Whiteboard animation videos provide a more engaging way to explain the process of business.

In the olden times, the most popular way of presenting a product was through brochures and pamphlets. But with whiteboard animation videos, there is no need for printed visual aids. It can be distributed freely online to your customers. 

This is a useful way to reach out to thousands of potential clients at home and worldwide.

Thus, a business with one or more whiteboard animation videos on its website can reach international customers. This is especially beneficial for small businesses because they don’t have the funds needed for large-scale advertising campaigns. 

Whiteboard animation videos offer massive potential for growth and expansion for big companies too.

These videos are a strong communication medium that allows the audience to easily gain knowledge. It is an easy-to-understand type of learning method that brings better engagement rates and leads to increased brand awareness.

11. It Reduces the Bounce Rate from your Website

With whiteboard animation videos, you get to reduce the bounce rate on your website. Whiteboard explainer videos have a strong element of curiosity and hence attract, engage, and leave an impact on viewers, who stick around for longer. 

A bounce rate is the percentage of users who arrive at your website and leave without engaging with it. The main reason for this is that a visitor quickly finds that your site does not provide what they are looking for. 

You could get a good number of visitors to your page, but if you lose them so quickly, then you are wasting time and money. But whiteboard animation videos will help to reduce bounce rates as they captivate visitors from the first moment.

Additionally, it also ensures audience retention as whiteboard animations tend to hold their attention for longer than other marketing tools. Studies show that an average person spends 2.6x longer on a website with video than without one.


How do you create an effective whiteboard animation video?

In an effective whiteboard animation video, the content should be simple, clear, and concise.

Also, animations should be smooth and continuous, and background music should be consistent with the video’s theme.

Furthermore, the video length should not be too long. Other things to consider are key messages, calls to action, and branding.

Why are whiteboard videos effective?

Whiteboard animation videos are effective in delivering any message. You can efficiently communicate several complex topics while maintaining a high level of engagement and retention.

Moreover, whiteboard animation videos appeal to all types of learners. In short, whiteboard animation videos are perfect for explaining things in a fun and interesting way.

How long will it take to create a whiteboard video?

The length of time it takes to create a whiteboard animation video depends on how much information is in the video.

In general, the longer a video is, the more work and resources it requires. It ranges from 1 week to 1 month.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, whiteboard animation is an ideal form of instruction for students, teachers, and businesses. It’s fun, fast, and easy to use. It’s effective in retaining the student’s attention and imbibing information in the learners.

Learners can easily remember the concepts taught through whiteboard animated lessons. 

When you put theory in a visual form, the brain processes and comprehends it faster. Students not only learn better with these videos, but they also enjoy them. Thus, introducing a video in the class helps students to grasp the lessons quickly. 

Whiteboard animation videos can be a great method for creating an interactive learning experience.

You can use your creativity and imagination to demonstrate concepts and theories in a visually compelling manner. You can also learn more about interactive videos in eLearning. The article is a complete guide for learners of all stages. 

Thanks for reading.