160 IQ: Meaning, Percentile, & Career Path

IQ scores are generally classified into various categories and each category has its intellectual meaning. Some IQ score falls on the lower end, some on the average category, and some on the higher end. So, where does an IQ of 160 fall?

Considering that the average IQ falls between 85 – 115, an IQ of 160 is said to be on the higher end. This category is generally referred to as a genius IQ level or an exceptionally gifted IQ level.

An IQ of 160 places you in the 99th percentile. To be more exact, it means you possess an intelligence that is superior to 99.997% of the world’s population.

If you want to know more about people with an IQ of 160 and the jobs that suit people with this IQ level, then you should read this article.

160 IQ: Meaning & percentile

Having an IQ of 160 means that you are far more intelligent than the majority of the world’s population.

The percentile for an IQ of 160 is said to be 99.997. Only a few people have attained an equivalent or IQ higher than 160, the likes of Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, etc.

An IQ of 160 makes you eligible for Mensa membership, a non-profit organization established simply for the purpose of nurturing intelligent minds.

Basically, with this IQ level, you possess qualities or traits that are far superior to others. Some of the traits of someone with this IQ level include;

  • They can comprehend abstract concepts
  • They have strong theoretical knowledge
  • They have a strong mathematical understanding
  • They can process information faster
  • They have an insatiable curiosity
  • They have strong analytical skills
  • They are open-minded
  • They enjoy their own company
  • They have few friends
  • They pay attention to details

Is an IQ of 160 good?

All being considered, an IQ of 160 is said to be good. You possess the ability to learn complex subjects and skills that can be applied to various career paths.

However, there is little limitation for people with this intelligence quotient score. According to IQ Test, people with this IQ level may find it harder to socialize. They have little or sometimes no friends at all.

This is because only a few people can share the same interest as them. People with this IQ level enjoy spending time alone, diving deeper into their passion or thoughts.

What job suits one with an IQ of 160?

There are various jobs that one with this IQ score can do, but the best kind of jobs for them are:

1. Physicists and astronomers

Physicists and astronomers - lmshero

Basically, physicists and astronomers are professionals who study the interactions of matter and energy. They also study the nature of time or the origin of the universe.

Other duties of physicists and astronomers include;

  • Developing theories and models that explain the properties of the natural world
  • Conducting scientific experiments that test theories
  • Writing proposals or applying for funding or research grant
  • Analyzing physical and astronomical data using mathematical calculations
  • Designing new scientific equipment (such as telescopes and lasers)
  • Writing papers on experiments or findings for publishing
  • Presenting research findings at conferences or lectures

According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, the demand for physicists and astronomers will increase by 8% in the next 10 years. They also stated that physicists and astronomers earn around $147,450 per year.

For you to become one, you will need a Ph.D. in physics, astronomy, or any other related field. However, some employers only require a bachelor’s degree in physics.

2. Data scientists

data scientist - lmshero

A data scientist is a professional who uses analytical tools and techniques to extract meaningful insights from data.

Other duties of data scientists include;

  • Determining data that will be useful for a project
  • Collating, analyzing, and categorizing data
  • Creating, testing, validating, and updating models and algorithms
  • Presenting findings using data visualization software
  • Make meaningful recommendations to clients based on data analyzed

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for data scientists will increase by 36%. This is far higher than the average increase rate for other jobs.

Data scientists earn around $100,910 per year. For you to become a data scientist, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science, or any related field.

However, in some cases, employers also require you have a master’s or doctoral degree.

3. Post-secondary teachers

Post-secondary teachers - lmshero

A post-secondary teacher often referred to as a professor, is one who instructs students in a variety of academic subjects beyond the high school level.

Other duties of post-secondary teachers include;

  • Developing a course outline or syllabus for the course(s) taught and ensuring that it meets the college and department’s standard
  • Teach courses in his or her subject area
  • Grading tests, assignments, exams, and other works to access student’s performance or progress
  • Advising students on which course to take

According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, the demand for post-secondary teachers will increase by 12% in the next 10 years. They also stated that post-secondary teachers earn around $79,640 per year.

For you to become a post-secondary teacher, you will need a Ph.D. or other doctoral degree in your desired field. For some community colleges or private institutions, a master’s degree is enough.

4. Mathematicians and statisticians

Mathematicians and statisticians - lmshero

A mathematician and statistician is a professional who analyzes data and applies computational techniques to solve problems.

Other duties of a mathematician and statistician include;

  • Design platforms to collect data (such as surveys or opinion polls)
  • Analyze data using mathematical or statistical models
  • Interpreting data or communicating results for analyses to non-technical audiences
  • Using data to determine the best solutions for problems encountered

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for mathematicians and statisticians will increase by 31% in the next 10 years. Mathematicians and statisticians earn around $96,280 per year.

You will need a master’s degree in mathematics or statistics to become a mathematician and statistician. Although, some employers are willing to accept candidates with a bachelor’s degree.


Which famous people have an IQ of 160?

Some well-known celebrities with an IQ of 160 include; Juan Mata, Bill Gates, Ashton Kutcher, and Sylvester Stallone.

Is an IQ of 160 high?

Yes, it is. An IQ of 160 is on the higher end of the IQ scale.

Conclusion: Is an IQ of 160 good?

An IQ of 160 is one that is very rare, someone with this IQ score possesses qualities that are far from average. So, all being considered, the answer is yes.

A person with an IQ of 160 is open-minded, has good analytical skills, and they’re capable of understanding complex math concepts. The only known limitation for people with this IQ score is that they are less sociable than others.

While your IQ score isn’t a guarantee for success in any of these career paths, it plays an important role.

There are many jobs that someone with this IQ level can fill; however, the best are the ones that match such a person’s interest.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, if you did, you should also see the highest possible IQ.

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