What Does An IQ Of 122 Mean And Suitable Jobs For Such IQ Level?

On the basis that the national average score is between 85 – 115, an IQ of 122 is on the higher end. It is a very good IQ score characterized as ‘above ordinary.’

Individuals with an IQ of 122 outperform 92.9 percent of their peers in their age group. This means that only 7.1% of the world’s population possesses higher.

According to Neuro Scientia, people with this IQ are capable of acquiring knowledge faster knowledge and applying it in such a way that it may be useful in academic and vocational contexts.

This article talks about people with an IQ of 122, their traits or qualities, as well as their careers.

Is an IQ of 122 good?

Having an IQ of 122 means you have a high speed of processing information. It also means you have strong logical reasoning and effective problem-solving skills.

An intelligence quotient score of 122 is a very good score. It is termed as superior intelligence or labeled as “above average” on other scales.

According to IQ Test, the only drawback for people with this IQ score is that they may suffer from overthinking. Most individuals with this IQ score tend to draw out different possibilities, even from small events.

In most cases, this could be good; however, in certain cases, it may be bad. Nevertheless, it depends on the individual and his or her personality.

Basically, someone with an IQ of 122 has the following qualities or traits;

  • They are capable of theoretical and scientific research
  • They explore various possibilities or events that may occur and find the best solution beforehand
  • They have good logical thinking abilities
  • They have good problem-solving skills
  • They can understand complex or difficult materials
  • They have good decision-making skills
  • They are introverts
  • They get bored easily as what may seem new to the average minded is already known to them

What kind of job suits an individual with an IQ of 122?

Considering all the qualities someone with such IQ has, it is obvious there are various jobs they can do. Here are some of these jobs:

1. Personal financial advisor

A personal financial advisor is a professional who provides advice to help individuals manage their money.

Duties of a personal financial advisor include;

  • Talk with clients to determine their financial goals
  • Advising clients on investments, insurance, mortgages, and estate planning
  • Educating clients on the potential earning and financial risk of an investment
  • Stay updated on investment opportunities
  • Monitor a client’s account
  • Help clients plan specific events and recommend a budget to follow

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the outlook for personal financial advisors will increase by 15% in the next 10 years. The estimated earnings for personal financial advisors are around $94,170 per year.

Generally, you will need a bachelor’s degree for you to become a personal financial advisor. Additionally, having a master’s degree and certification may improve chances for advancement.

2. Architects

architect - lmshero

Basically, an architect is someone who plans and designs houses, factories, office buildings, and other structures.

Other duties of an architect include;

  • Meeting with clients to discuss the objective or requirement of the structure
  • Prepare specifications for a proposed structure
  • Determine the estimate or budget for a project as well as the estimated time for completion
  • Use computer software or hand to prepare a scale for each project
  • Managing construction and ensuring workers follow the requirements of the client

According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, the demand for architects is said to increase by 3% in the next 10 years. Additionally, architects earn around $80,180 per year.

If you wish to be a licensed architect, you will need a bachelor’s degree in architecture. Additionally, you will need relevant experience through a paid internship and then pass the Architect Registration Examination.

3. Nuclear engineer

A nuclear engineer researches and develops projects or addresses problems concerning certain operations such as the release, control, and use of nuclear energy and nuclear waste disposal.

The duties of a nuclear engineer include the following;

  • Designing nuclear equipment (reactor cores, nuclear batteries, and radiation shielding)
  • Testing various theories
  • Monitoring nuclear facilities or equipment being designed and ensuring they are in compliance with state laws
  • Write instructs need for operating nuclear equipment

According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, the job outlook for nuclear engineers will decline by 11% in the next 10 years. Despite the decrease, it is still expected that over 700 openings will be made available each year.

The BLS further mentioned that nuclear engineers earn around $120,380 per year. You will need a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering or any related field of engineering for you to become a nuclear engineer.

4. General and operations manager

Training and development manager - lmshero

A general and operations manager is someone who plans, directs, or coordinates the operations of public or private businesses.

Duties of a general and operations manager include;

  • Formatting policies for public and private sector organizations
  • Managing daily operations in a firm
  • Supervising all activities carried out in the firm
  • Organizing or participating in organization-wide marketing plans
  • Setting up objectives or goals and motivating workers or team members to meet them

Job vacancies for general and operations managers are said to increase by 0.3% in the next 10 years according to the BLS. They also added that general and operations managers earn around $123,030 per year.

To be a general and operations manager, you will need a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, having a master’s degree and relevant certification give room for improvement.


Is an IQ of 122 gifted?

Yes, it is. With an IQ of 122, you have more advanced skills and expertise that people with average IQ don’t.

Which celebrity has an IQ of 122?

Some notable celebrities that have an IQ of 122 include; Dwight Eisenhower and Courteney Cox.

Is an IQ of 122 good enough for Mensa?

Yes, it is.

The cutoff for to be eligible for Mensa membership is an IQ of 120. However, your test score must be one gotten from an accredited center.

Conclusion: Is an IQ of 122 good?

As earlier mentioned, an IQ of 122 is said to be an above-average intelligence quotient score. It places you in the 93rd percentile, which means that you have an IQ score that is superior to many others.

People with this IQ score possess qualities and traits that are highly sorted after by employers. However, the only drawback for people having this is that they tend to overthink the outcome of various events.

Nevertheless, an IQ of 122 is a very good score and is best suited for certain jobs such as nuclear engineers, general and operations managers, personal financial advisors, and architects.

I hope you enjoyed this article, you should also see the highest possible IQ.

Thanks for reading.